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Treated mine water release essential to oilsands reclamation

Dec 5 2022 — Pierre Gratton, — Current global unrest and ongoing impacts from the pandemic have brought the security of supply of energy and resource products into sharp focus, not just for Canadians but our allies around the world. This priority was reinforced at the highest political levels with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland saying in a recent speech that “Canada […]

Can Canada’s mining industry deliver on growing demand?

Jul 19 2022 — Pierre Gratton — By now it is a foregone conclusion that in order for net-zero to be achieved the increased adoption of low carbon technologies is essential, with mining propelling the current seismic energy transition. Electric cars cannot exist without lithium, nickel and cobalt, nuclear energy without uranium, wind turbines and solar panels without copper, zinc, iron and […]

Don’t let Frontier mine be a political football

Feb 10 2020 — Pierre Gratton — The federal government has the opportunity to show all Canadians that Canada’s review process works — that projects like Frontier, led by a Canadian corporate leader such as Teck, can complete a world-class, independent and rigorous assessment effectively and achieve a favourable recommendation by an independent panel supported by the provincial government, and, most importantly, […]