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After 17-year deportation fight over alleged terrorism ties, Toronto man sues federal government for $34M

Jan 5 2019 — Brian Platt — One of the longest-running national security cases in Canada has resulted in a massive civil lawsuit, as an Egyptian-born Toronto man is suing the federal government for repeatedly trying to deport him over alleged ties to the 1998 terrorist bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa. The federal government first arrested Mahmoud Jaballah in 1999 through […]

Survey shows spike in opposition to higher immigration in Canada, but too soon to call it a trend

Aug 21 2018 — Brian Platt — Canadians have been dubious for decades about the merits of increasing levels of immigration, but a new report also suggests growing opposition to immigration over the past few years. The report from the Angus Reid Institute analyzes polling data going back to 1975 to show that, throughout that period, a relatively constant number of Canadians […]

Former ambassador to Israel sues Canadian government, arguing Liberals fired her in bad faith

Aug 1 2018 — Brian Platt — A former Canadian ambassador to Israel who was removed from her post shortly after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s election is now suing the federal government, arguing she was undermined by her superiors, treated in bad faith, and is still owed pension money. The lawsuit marks an escalation in the long-running battle between Canada’s diplomatic establishment […]

Ontario Proud, the right-wing Facebook giant in Ontario’s election, eyes federal election involvement

Jun 5 2018 — Brian Platt — A right-wing activist group that has become the dominant Facebook force in Ontario politics is starting to plan its strategy for next year’s federal election — just as the federal government debates new rules for how to regulate such groups. “We expect to do this nationally,” said Ryan O’Connor, a lawyer and director for Ontario […]

Trudeau defends summer jobs grant to anti-pipeline activists on free speech grounds

Apr 25 2018 — Brian Platt — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday there’s no problem with a Canada Summer Jobs grant that will fund anti-pipeline activism, arguing his government must stand up for the principle of free expression and advocacy. That may surprise the religious organizations who have been battling the government for months over the same summer jobs grants, thanks […]

Faith groups among those out millions in summer jobs funding after refusing to sign attestation to respect abortion rights

Mar 16 2018 — Brian Platt — Groups across the country are facing a cash crisis after they were initially rejected for a Canada Summer Jobs grant for refusing to sign a controversial attestation to respect abortion rights. Millions of dollars are at stake, and some organizations are preparing urgent fundraising campaigns. The federal grants are discretionary, but many groups have received […]