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With secrecy oaths signed, 11 MPs and senators set for unprecedented access to national security agencies

Nov 8 2017 — Brian Platt — In the next few weeks, a group of 11 MPs and senators who have received top security clearances and signed lifetime confidentiality oaths will start getting briefings on the country’s most sensitive national security issues. The brand new National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians, which had its membership announced Monday, marks the first time […]

‘Dear Jeff…’: Trudeau sends personal pitch to Amazon CEO on choosing Canada for its second headquarters

Oct 19 2017 — Brian Platt — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is making a personal pitch to Amazon to open its second headquarters north of the border, marketing Canada’s cities as “progressive, confident and natural homes” for the company. The deadline to submit bids to Amazon ended Wednesday at midnight, and Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary are all expected to be […]

Marijuana task-force member’s move to legal weed company raises conflict-of-interest concerns

Sep 25 2017 — Brian Platt — A New Democratic MP is warning of a ‘clear appearance of conflict of interest’ after it was revealed that a member of the government’s marijuana-legalization task force is now running a medical marijuana company. Raf Souccar, a former RCMP deputy commissioner, served on the independent task force that advised the government on legalizing recreational marijuana […]

Conservatives accuse Trudeau of hypocrisy in avoiding tax changes targeting wealthy Canadians

Sep 20 2017 — Brian Platt — With the furor over the government’s proposed tax changes dominating debate in Ottawa, the Conservatives have started going after the personal finances of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other cabinet ministers, arguing it shows hypocrisy. The Conservatives have gone all-in on attacking the tax changes since Parliament returned from its summer break on Monday, devoting […]

Doctors’ fury over proposed federal tax changes could affect provincial health budgets

Sep 14 2017 — Brian Platt — If the federal government goes through with its proposed crackdown on tax planning through private corporations, doctors who take a hit on their paycheques could make things harder for provincial governments trying to keep their healthcare budgets under control. Although the proposed changes would affect many professions that see high rates of incorporation, doctors argue […]

Conservatives prepare to ‘ramp up’ campaign against Morneau’s tax-reform plan

Aug 22 2017 — Brian Platt — As protests grow from business groups over the government’s proposed tax crackdown on private corporations, the Conservatives are getting ready to launch their own campaign against it. Lisa Raitt, the Conservative Party’s deputy leader under Andrew Scheer, says she’s been deep in discussions with doctors and small business owners over the government’s tax plan, and […]