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Liberals use budget bill to fix Charter violation in their own election misinformation law

May 13 2021 — Brian Platt — The Liberal government is attempting to fix its own law against publishing false information about a political figure to influence an election after an Ontario judge ruled it violated the Charter’s right to free expression. Canada has had an election misinformation law for many decades, but until recently it required that a person “knowingly” make […]

‘Is this the beginning of the end of Doug Ford?’: Premier’s week from hell raises questions about his political future

Apr 24 2021 — Brian Platt — The public is exhausted and furious, doctors are exhausted and furious, and many of Ford’s supporters are in despair about how events have unfolded. Ontario Premier Doug Ford was already having a bad spring when it came to his government’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis, but then came the week from hell. It began with […]

Erin O’Toole faces backlash from ‘surprised and frustrated’ Conservatives over carbon pricing plan

Apr 18 2021 — Brian Platt — When Conservative leader Erin O’Toole announced on Thursday that his party will include a carbon price on consumer fuels as part of their election platform, internal backlash was inevitable. Scrapping “Trudeau’s carbon tax” is a core promise the Conservative Party has made to its supporters for years. O’Toole won the Conservative leadership race last year […]

Change to Conservative leadership rules could dampen Quebec’s ‘outsized’ influence on results

Mar 20 2021 — Brian Platt — Conservative Party delegates at the party’s national convention have voted to make a key change to its leadership race rules that could substantially scale back Quebec’s disproportionate influence on the result. Under the existing rules, all ridings are weighted equally with 100 points regardless of how many actual votes are cast. This means, for example, […]

Conservatives building war chest for election that could be ‘weeks away,’ virtual convention hears

Mar 18 2021 — Brian Platt — The Conservative Party opened its national policy convention on Thursday in an unconventional virtual setting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with distanced co-hosts speaking to delegates over Zoom instead of the usual pep-rally environment of a packed ballroom. But if the circumstances were unusual, the message from party brass was a familiar one: we’re united […]

Rideau Hall and Privy Council Office disputed ‘procedural fairness’ of workplace review, new documents show

Feb 21 2021 — Brian Platt — New documents released by the government detail an exchange of letters between the Privy Council Office and lawyers hired by Rideau Hall who raised concerns around the procedural fairness of the third-party review into the workplace environment at the governor general’s office. The exchange sheds further light on how unusual the entire situation was, with […]

Security scanners from a Chinese firm not the best plan for our embassies, government decides

Nov 19 2020 — Brian Platt — Federal officials have told MPs that following a review of purchasing practices for security equipment, the government won’t be buying Canadian embassy X-ray machines from a controversial Chinese firm after all. The National Post reported in July that the government had awarded a standing offer for up to $6.8 million worth of conveyor-style X-ray machines […]

Liberals filibuster opposition motion to get details of Trudeau family’s speaking fees

Oct 9 2020 — Brian Platt — Liberal MPs on the House of Commons ethics committee mounted a filibuster Friday afternoon of the opposition’s attempt to get details of the Trudeau family’s speaking fees — particularly as they relate to WE Charity events. The Liberals dragged out the committee’s proceedings through lengthy speeches and repeated requests to adjourn. Finally, after four and […]