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Canada defined by inclusion, says Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin

Sep 7 2017 — Paula Simons — Beverley McLachlin never once said Donald Trump’s name. But then, Canada’s famously discreet chief justice didn’t have to. McLachlin was at the University of Alberta on Wednesday to deliver the department of philosophy’s annual public lecture. Ostensibly, the lecture was about landmark moments in Canada’s 150-year constitutional history.

Jason Kenney should go back to school on gay-straight alliances

Mar 29 2017 — Paula Simons — Whatever possessed Jason Kenney to tell the Calgary Herald’s editorial board that Alberta schools should notify parents when their children join a gay-straight alliance club at school? “I do however believe parents have a right to know what’s going on with their kids in the schools unless the parents are abusive,” Kenney told the board. […]

Kevin O’Leary’s ‘vicious poisonous toxic’ attack on Alberta self-determination should offend us all

Mar 25 2017 — Paula Simons — Would-be federal Conservative leader Kevin O’Leary didn’t exactly mince words Thursday, when he went on the attack against Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. “She’s a vicious, poisonous, toxic cocktail of mediocrity (and) incompetence, put together,” O’Leary, dressed in a leather bomber jacket and tie, told a group in St. John’s, N.L. — while a CBC camera […]

‘School of hate’: Was Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather a Nazi collaborator?

Mar 9 2017 — Paula Simons — Was Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather a Nazi collaborator? If so, does that undercut her moral authority as one of Canada’s most senior politicians? Or are we all being played and manipulated by Russia’s propaganda machine? Those seem like crazy questions. But Freeland is under a microscope in the wake of efforts by Russian-linked […]

Stephen Khan quits PC leadership race

Jan 27 2017 — Paula Simons — The Edmonton region’s only candidate for the Progressive Conservative leadership is pulling out. Friday morning, Stephen Khan will make it official. The former St. Albert MLA and former Tory cabinet minister is quitting the PC race — his dream of reviving a moderate, centrist party, collapsing around him. “As a pragmatic businessman, at a certain […]

Alberta PC Party civil war descends to new depths of incivility

Jan 19 2017 — Paula Simons — Last Saturday, the board of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta voted, unanimously, to censure Calgary political operative Alan Hallman and suspend his party membership for a year. Hallman is a longtime Tory backroom boy and strategist, known for his aggressive, elbows-up approach to politics. He’s been intimately involved in Jason Kenney’s leadership campaign. After […]

Carbon tax no justification for racist conspiracy theories

Jan 5 2017 — Paula Simons — Alberta’s new carbon tax hadn’t even kicked in before my email inbox and my social media feeds started filling up with angry, racist comments from people convinced — so convinced — that indigenous Albertans and aboriginal businesses were all exempt from paying the new levy on carbon. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. There […]

Alberta politics must resist temptation of Trump’s toxic “bro-lash”

Nov 10 2016 — Paula Simons — On Tuesday, the same day Hillary Clinton lost the American presidency, two smart, articulate women — Donna Kennedy-Glans and Sandra Jansen — withdrew from the Alberta’s Progressive Conservative leadership race. The timing was mostly coincidental. The November 10th deadline to pay the $50,000 deposit to officially enter the race just happened to fall two days […]