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Americans lose that loving feeling for Canada in latest poll

Jun 15 2018 — Paula Simons — Once, they loved us. On Feb. 28, Gallup released a poll showing Canada was the country viewed most favourably by Americans. Four month ago, Gallup found 94 per cent of Americans had a positive view of Canada. Only six per cent viewed North Korea favourably. That was then. On Wednesday, another American polling company, Public […]

Canada defined by inclusion, says Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin

Sep 7 2017 — Paula Simons — Beverley McLachlin never once said Donald Trump’s name. But then, Canada’s famously discreet chief justice didn’t have to. McLachlin was at the University of Alberta on Wednesday to deliver the department of philosophy’s annual public lecture. Ostensibly, the lecture was about landmark moments in Canada’s 150-year constitutional history.

Jason Kenney should go back to school on gay-straight alliances

Mar 29 2017 — Paula Simons — Whatever possessed Jason Kenney to tell the Calgary Herald’s editorial board that Alberta schools should notify parents when their children join a gay-straight alliance club at school? “I do however believe parents have a right to know what’s going on with their kids in the schools unless the parents are abusive,” Kenney told the board. […]

Kevin O’Leary’s ‘vicious poisonous toxic’ attack on Alberta self-determination should offend us all

Mar 25 2017 — Paula Simons — Would-be federal Conservative leader Kevin O’Leary didn’t exactly mince words Thursday, when he went on the attack against Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. “She’s a vicious, poisonous, toxic cocktail of mediocrity (and) incompetence, put together,” O’Leary, dressed in a leather bomber jacket and tie, told a group in St. John’s, N.L. — while a CBC camera […]

‘School of hate’: Was Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather a Nazi collaborator?

Mar 9 2017 — Paula Simons — Was Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather a Nazi collaborator? If so, does that undercut her moral authority as one of Canada’s most senior politicians? Or are we all being played and manipulated by Russia’s propaganda machine? Those seem like crazy questions. But Freeland is under a microscope in the wake of efforts by Russian-linked […]