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Bill Blair: Doug Ford’s enemy in the Trudeau cabinet

Jul 18 2018 — Paul Wells — In appointing Bill Blair, the MP for Scarborough Southwest, as minister of border security and organized crime reduction‬, Justin Trudeau has sent an experienced and controversial player into the political battles leading up to next October’s federal election. But what’s most striking about the new minister is the deep animosity between Blair and the new […]

Trudeau-Ford: The next chapter in Canada’s eternal campaign

Jul 6 2018 — Paul Wells — The Ontario Liberals (now in power in Ottawa) meet the Ontario Tories—it’s the latest chapter in a nasty fight that’s been going on for a decade. We now bring you exclusive footage of yesterday’s meeting between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario not-quite-premier-yet Doug Ford:

Justin Trudeau, west of Toronto, bailing water

Jun 26 2018 — Paul Wells — With 16 months to go until the 2019 federal election, it’s on. A Liberal of my acquaintance phoned to make sure I hadn’t missed the notification for Navdeep Bains’s nomination meeting as the party’s Mississauga-Malton candidate in the 2019 election. Bains will be acclaimed, like most incumbent MPs. He’s been a force in political organizing […]

Happy Canada Day. Stay home.

Jun 25 2018 — Paul Wells — There’s a hidden assumption in news that Canada Day on Parliament Hill this year will be another day of lineups and security checks, and that this will probably never change. The assumption is that a centralized Canada Day celebration in a smallish park in the middle of Canada’s sixth-largest urban centre makes any sense. I […]

Jagmeet Singh has a lot of work to do

Jun 19 2018 — Paul Wells — We keep looking for a politician who’ll stand up and admit failure. Suddenly here was one. There’s a kind of nobility in taking your licking, I guess. “We’re disappointed” in Monday’s by-election results in the Quebec heartland riding of Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, Jagmeet Singh told a knot of reporters outside the House of Commons before Question […]

The Maclean’s-Pollara Ontario election poll shows Doug Ford and Andrea Horwath in photo finish

Jun 6 2018 — Paul Wells — They’re all tied up, 38-38-17. That’s how the major Ontario political parties stack up on the day before the final vote in a historic provincial election, according to the final instalment of a Pollara Strategic Insights tracking poll for Maclean’s. Using the last three days of responses from a rolling mixed-method (online and telephone) survey […]

The Maclean’s-Pollara Ontario election poll: Ford’s advance edge

Jun 5 2018 — Paul Wells — The Maclean’s-Pollara tracking poll is still way too close for any certainty about the outcome of Thursday’s election, but with only two days left to go, Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives seem to be consolidating their advantage. The PC lead among decided voters is still within the margin of error, at 39 per cent […]

Ontario election 2018 poll: Doug Ford gains an advantage

Jun 4 2018 — Paul Wells — A new day’s sample on a rolling tracking poll won’t show much change, but the latest addition to the Maclean’s-Pollara Ontario election poll suggests the Progressive Conservatives might have the edge in the campaign’s home stretch. The mixed sample—telephone and online—of 1,275 eligible voters was conducted from May 31 to June 3, with Sunday’s sample […]

The Maclean’s-Pollara Ontario poll: Only the NDP is gaining support

May 23 2018 — Paul Wells — Support for the Ontario Liberal Party is collapsing, leaving Andrea Horwath’s surging New Democrats in a statistical tie with Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives for first place in Ontario’s provincial election, according to a new poll. The online poll of 870 eligible voters, conducted on Monday and Tuesday for Maclean’s by Pollara Strategic Insights, shows that […]

The first Ontario election debate: Such a nice bunch of people

May 8 2018 — Paul Wells — “Kathleen, you’ve got a nice smile on your face there,” Doug Ford told Kathleen Wynne. “So do you,” she replied, overlooking a faux pas that was widely picked up on Twitter: men are increasingly discouraged from trying to get women to smile, as it’s none of our damned business. She was also erring on the […]

The Maclean’s-Pollara Ontario poll: Doug Ford’s lingering advantage

May 7 2018 — Paul Wells — Let’s go back to the Maclean’s-Pollara Ontario election poll we reported on Monday, to see why its most surprising element—Andrea Horwath and the NDP are in second place!—may mask the significance of the least surprising element—Doug Ford and the Conservatives are in first! By several measures, climbing from second to first place looks like a […]