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Conservative candidates should get to see campaign post-mortem findings, not just Scheer: Raitt

Jan 16 2020 — Rachel Aiello — The co-chair of the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership campaign thinks that all of the party’s 2019 candidates should be able to see the findings of former Tory cabinet minister John Baird’s external review of the campaign. CTV News political analyst Lisa Raitt said that she thinks the findings of the internal report—which the Conservatives […]

Baird report on Conservative election campaign finished, won’t be made public

Jan 14 2020 — Rachel Aiello — Outgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has received former Tory cabinet minister John Baird’s postmortem on the party’s unsuccessful federal election campaign, but it will not be made public. Scheer tweeted Tuesday that he was “looking forward to reviewing it and sharing the feedback” with his coming replacement, but according to the leader’s office, Baird’s findings […]

CTV Question Period: What the political parties need to do in 2020

Jan 5 2020 — Rachel Aiello — With the 2019 political year now in the rearview mirror, CTV’s Question Period convened a series of guests to dive into the year ahead and offer their political forecasts for 2020. From high-profile partisans to former leaders and those with their finger on the pulse of Canadian public opinion, here’s CTV Question Period’s panelists’ predictions […]

‘Irresponsible’ for Conservatives to raise recession concerns: Morneau

Dec 21 2019 — Rachel Aiello — Finance Minister Bill Morneau says the Conservatives are being “irresponsible” in raising concerns about the prospect of a recession. “I think it’s a little bit irresponsible of the Conservatives to be making people more anxious,” Morneau said in an interview on CTV’s Question Period. On Monday, the Liberal government’s first update on the state of […]

Trudeau’s top communications staffer leaving PMO

Dec 17 2019 — Rachel Aiello — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s most senior communications staffer Kate Purchase is leaving the Prime Minister’s Office. Purchase, who was Trudeau’s executive director of communications and planning, will be taking a position with Microsoft as a senior director.

In a backtrack, Liberals move to reinstate parliamentary secretaries’ power at committees

Dec 11 2019 — Rachel Aiello — In an about-face on one of the Liberals’ parliamentary reforms in the last session, the government has moved to reinstate parliamentary secretaries’ ability to be voting members on House of Commons committees. Quietly during routine proceedings on Thursday, Kevin Lamoureux, the parliamentary secretary to the government House leader got unanimous consent to “suspend” sections of […]

Confidence vote on throne speech unlikely until New Year: Rodriguez

Dec 7 2019 — Rachel Aiello — The confidence vote in response to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s minority government’s throne speech “probably” won’t happen until 2020. In an interview on CTV’s Question Period with Evan Solomon, Government House Leader Pablo Rodriguez said that the vote likely won’t happen until the New Year, citing the Liberal’s ability to schedule up to six days […]

Five MPs vying to be next House of Commons Speaker

Dec 4 2019 — Rachel Aiello — There are five Members of Parliament vying to be the next House of Commons speaker: Two Liberals, two Conservatives, and a New Democrat. The MPs who are in the running to be the Speaker are incumbent Liberals Geoff Regan and Anthony Rota, Conservatives Bruce Stanton and Joel Godin, and NDP MP Carol Hughes.