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‘Anger that I haven’t seen before’: Singh harassment incident puts renewed spotlight on politicians’ security

May 12 2022 — Rachel Aiello — NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s recent encounter with protesters at an Ontario election campaign stop, where he was verbally harassed, is casting a renewed spotlight on politicians’ security, with Singh telling CTV News that he’s witnessing a level of anger he hasn’t seen before. “What I’m noticing is true is that there is more of a […]

Trudeau questions if Poilievre cares about Canada’s economic reputation after pledging to fire central banker

May 12 2022 — Rachel Aiello — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came out swinging Thursday in response to Pierre Poilievre’s pledge to fire the governor of the Bank of Canada if he came to power. Trudeau said that the perceived Conservative leadership frontrunner either misunderstands or doesn’t care about how integral the independence of the central bank is to the country’s economic […]

Trudeau says ‘devastation’ he witnessed in Ukraine ‘all on’ Putin

May 10 2022 — Rachel Aiello — Back in Ottawa, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that what he saw touring war-torn areas of Ukraine this weekend was evidence of communities defending themselves, but also “devastation” that he says is “all on” Russian President Vladimir Putin. “What I saw, was communities that defended themselves against being outnumbered eight to one, the local militia, […]

Liberals propose temporary new power to adjourn House ‘without notice’ and revive late-night sittings

Apr 27 2022 — Rachel Aiello — Published April 27, 2022 4:09 p.m. ADT Share facebooktwitterreddit More share options In a move typically not seen until closer to the end of the spring sitting, the Liberals have given notice for a motion looking to revive late-night House sittings, while also proposing to give ministers the temporary power to table ‘without notice’ a […]

Conservative leadership hopeful Lewis pitches unifying party while promoting social conservatism

Apr 23 2022 — Rachel Aiello — Leslyn Lewis says that, in making her second attempt to become leader of the Conservative Party, she’s confident that she can unify the party while promoting socially-conservative positions. Over successive leadership races, the federal Conservatives have been debating what direction the party should be heading, and whether it’s possible to elect a leader that can […]

Canada sanctions Russian President Vladimir Putin’s daughters

Apr 19 2022 — Rachel Aiello — Canada is sanctioning Russian President Vladimir Putin’s two adult daughters, as part of a fresh round of punitive measures aimed at more than two dozen “close associates” of Putin, including Russian oligarchs and their family members. The pair—Mariya Vorontsova (Putina) and Katerina Tikhonova— are now subject to fiscal and other penalties, as part of a […]

‘Strong argument’ to be made what’s happening in Ukraine is a genocide, says defence minister

Apr 16 2022 — Rachel Aiello — Canada’s defence minister Anita Anand says that there’s a “strong argument” to be made that the “atrocities” in Ukraine occurring at the hands of the Russians amount to genocide. “Reports relating to the potential use of chemical weapons have been very disconcerting, and this is an issue that NATO is still considering. And of course, […]

Prince Charles and Camilla coming to Canada for royal tour

Apr 11 2022 — Rachel Aiello — Prince Charles and his wife Camilla will be coming to Canada for a three-day royal tour in May, Gov. Gen. Mary Simon announced Monday. Their short visit will include stops in Newfoundland and Labrador, the National Capital Region and the Northwest Territories. “Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have […]

Charest condemns leadership rival Poilievre’s convoy, crypto, climate policies

Apr 10 2022 — Rachel Aiello — Doubling down on his condemnation of his Conservative leadership rival, Jean Charest says that Pierre Poilievre should be disqualified from becoming leader of the federal Conservative party over his support of the “Freedom Convoy.” “Everyone knows that Pierre Poilievre supported the blockade,” Charest said in an interview on CTV’s Question Period. “If you say to […]