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The biggest politics headlines of the summer so far

Aug 18 2019 — Rachel Aiello — Have you been dock-side or tied up with your family over the last few summer months, or just taking a hiatus from political news? With the fall federal election call just weeks away—here’s’s recap of the biggest political headlines of the summer so far.

Opposition want House ethics committee hearing on Trudeau SNC-Lavalin report

Aug 15 2019 — Rachel Aiello — Opposition MPs are requesting an urgent meeting of the House of Commons ethics committee, to discuss the findings of Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion’s report that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau contravened the Conflict of Interest Act in relation to the SNC-Lavalin scandal. The opposition wants to hear from Dion about his damning investigation that found Trudeau […]

Parties’ mass text campaigns ‘a new area of risk,’ experts warn

Aug 12 2019 — Rachel Aiello — The quickly approaching federal election is going to be waged using a variety of new and more sophisticated online tools, including what is set to be an increased use of mass text message campaigns. The Liberals, Conservatives, and New Democrats have all said that they plan on using text messages to reach voters during this […]

PM says new NAFTA deal won’t be ratified until the fall

Jul 29 2019 — Rachel Aiello — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada’s ratification of the new NAFTA deal won’t happen until the fall, now that the U.S. House of Representatives has wrapped up its summer session without signing off on the agreement. Since the deal was reached, the Liberals have said they intended to move in tandem with the Americans when […]

Feds launch official request for CF-18 replacement jets

Jul 23 2019 — Rachel Aiello — The federal government has announced the official request for proposals for Canada’s 88 new fighter jets to replace the aging CF-18 fleet. The requests for proposals have been sent to the four suppliers in the running for the $19-billion competition: Sweden’s Saab Aeronautics, U.K.’s Airbus, and American companies Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

Third-party actions, deepfakes among top concerns for elections watchdog

Jul 19 2019 — Rachel Aiello — The potential use of deepfake videos and third-parties’ compliance with the new rules for this campaign are among the top concerns for Canada’s Commissioner of Elections as the fall vote approaches. In an interview with, Yves Cote, the independent officer in charge of enforcing federal elections law, shared the areas he’s keeping an eye […]

Here’s how Justin Trudeau promised change and didn’t deliver

Jul 15 2019 — Rachel Aiello — Four years ago the Liberals came to power in part, based on promises that they’ve since broken, or thanks to pledges for progress that has yet to materialize. From Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s troubled trips and ethical scandals, to reneged vows to balance the books and reform Canada’s electoral process, the last four years have […]

Here’s how Canada changed under Justin Trudeau

Jul 15 2019 — Rachel Aiello — After campaigning and coming to power on a promise of change, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party will be heading to your doorsteps this summer seeking a second term. After nearly four years of Trudeau government, here’s how the country looks different today than it did in 2015.

On Canada Day, Trump says relationship ‘one of the most important,’ vows to maintain it

Jul 1 2019 — Rachel Aiello — Americans view the bilateral relationship with Canada as “one of the most important” relationships and will work to maintain it, according to U.S. President Donald Trump. In a statement congratulating his neighbours to the north on the occasion of Canada Day, Trump offered his “best wishes for your nation’s bright future.” “Since its founding, Canada […]

Canada’s House of Commons has declared a national climate emergency

Jun 17 2019 — Rachel Aiello — The House of Commons has passed a motion declaring a national climate emergency, and supporting Canada’s commitment to meet the Paris Agreement emissions targets. Conservative MPs voted against the motion, but it still passed 186-63 with the support of the Liberals, New Democrats, Bloc Quebecois and Green MPs. The motion was was put forward by […]