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Ambrose accuses Conservatives of blocking judges’ training, UNDRIP bills

Jun 13 2019 — Rachel Aiello — Former interim leader of the federal Conservative Party Rona Ambrose is accusing her former caucus colleagues of blocking her private member’s bill requiring sexual assault education for would-be judges to ensure that another bill about Indigenous rights does not pass. In a tweet on Wednesday Ambrose said she was told the Conservatives will “block” her […]

MPs to begin debating new NAFTA bill

Jun 11 2019 — Rachel Aiello — Members of Parliament will begin debating the new NAFTA implementation bill in the House of Commons on Tuesday. Bill C-100, the “Canada United States Mexico Agreement Implementation Act” was tabled on May 29 by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This is the first time the legislation is coming up for debate since then, which has prompted […]

Climate change more likely to influence female voters: Nanos survey

Jun 6 2019 — Rachel Aiello — How a party pledges to handle climate change is more likely to influence female voters and voters in Quebec, and this could be bad news for the Conservative party, says pollster Nik Nanos. According to a new Nanos Research survey commissioned by CTV News, nearly six in 10 Canadians surveyed say that climate change will […]

Can’t exclude possibility of House recall to ratify new NAFTA: Garneau

Jun 1 2019 — Rachel Aiello — The possibility of the new NAFTA ratification process extending into the summer, resulting in a pre-election recall of the House cannot be excluded, says minister Marc Garneau. In an interview on CTV’s Question Period, Transport Minister Marc Garneau was asked if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would consider recalling the House over the summer in order […]

Liberal gun reform bill passes, Conservatives vow to repeal

May 29 2019 — Rachel Aiello — The Liberals’ gun reform legislation passed the Senate Tuesday night, meaning changes to the rules related to firearm ownership will soon become law. The bill’s passage has been met with mixed reaction, echoing the way the legislation was received during its journey through Parliament. The federal Conservatives say that, if elected in the fall, they […]

Minister vows transparency over $600M media fund, defends inclusion of Unifor

May 26 2019 — Rachel Aiello — The minister responsible for overseeing the rollout of nearly $600 million in subsidies to select media outlets is vowing that the decision-making process for who will be getting this funding will be transparent. “The whole process will be public,” said Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez in an interview with Evan Solomon, host of CTV’s Question […]

If Trudeau called about detainees, Chinese president wouldn’t pick up: ex-ambassador

May 21 2019 — Rachel Aiello — Former Canadian Ambassador to China Guy Saint-Jacques says he has “limited expectations” a Canadian delegation currently on the ground in China will successfully lead to the release of two detained Canadians. During an interview on CTV’s Power Play on Tuesday, he said the group, which includes foreign affairs parliamentary secretary Rob Oliphant, won’t have a […]

Blair not ruling out federal order to implement potential handgun ban

May 19 2019 — Rachel Aiello — Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Bill Blair said implementing a national handgun ban is still on the table, and would not rule out issuing a federal order instead of legislation given the limited window of Parliamentary time. In an interview on CTV’s Question Period, Blair was asked whether the handgun ban that […]