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Mulroney warns parties they’ll ‘pay the price’ if they ignore environment in their campaigns

Sep 17 2019 — Rachel Gilmore — Former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney says any politician who chooses to ignore climate change in their campaigning will “pay the price.” In an interview with Don Martin on CTV’s Power Play, which aired Tuesday, Mulroney pointed out that when it comes to climate change, “the broad middle class in Canada will not accept […]

May will boot Quebec candidate if he stands by separatist support

Sep 11 2019 — Rachel Gilmore — Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says candidate Pierre Nantel won’t be welcome as a Green MP if he supports Quebec separatism. Her comments come after Nantel told Quebec’s QUB radio – speaking in French – that Quebec “should separate quickly.” Nantel also said in French that he would vote to separate if such a referendum […]

Maxime Bernier faces new challenger in Beauce riding: Maxime Bernier

Sep 10 2019 — Rachel Gilmore — People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier has another challenger in his Beauce riding for the fall election: Maxime Bernier. In a French press release sent to CTV News on Tuesday, the Rhinoceros Party confirmed they will run a candidate who shares the same name as the incumbent for the Quebec riding. “There are many people who […]

Former NDP MP Pierre Nantel joins the Green Party

Aug 19 2019 — Rachel Gilmore — Pierre Nantel, who has served as an NDP MP since 2011, will be running under the Green Party’s banner in the upcoming election. Nantel made the announcement alongside Green Party Leader Elizabeth May in his Longueuil Que. riding on Monday. He was booted from the NDP caucus on Friday amid reports that he was in […]

This is why Trudeau isn’t being punished for his ethics violation

Aug 15 2019 — Rachel Gilmore — A political bombshell was dropped Wednesday when the ethics commissioner found Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had contravened the Conflict of Interest Act for trying to influence then-justice minister Jody-Wilson-Raybould in “many ways” during the SNC-Lavalin scandal. As the news broke many Canadians were surprised to learn that despite the contravention, there would be no punishment. […]

PM commissioned report on SNC-Lavalin finds no need to divide AG and justice minister roles

Aug 14 2019 — Rachel Gilmore — Canada should not split the roles of justice minister and attorney general, according to a new report Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commissioned following the SNC-Lavalin affair. Trudeau appointed former Liberal cabinet minister Anne McLellan to dig into whether Canada should separate the two roles in March. This came after former justice minister turned Independent MP […]

‘Listen carefully’ to concerns, Freeland says as China calls protestors ‘near’ terrorists

Aug 14 2019 — Rachel Gilmore — As China condemns pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong as engaging in “near-terrorist acts,” Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says it’s essential for governments to listen to their people – and “it’s a mistake” do anything else. Speaking at a press conference in Toronto on Wednesday, Freeland was pressed on whether China labelling protestors as […]

Most Canadians expecting a negative election campaign: Nanos poll

Aug 7 2019 — Rachel Gilmore — Most Canadians are expecting the upcoming election campaign to have a more negative tone than previous ones, according to a new poll from Nanos Research, commissioned by CTV News. When Canadians were surveyed as to whether they thought the looming campaign would be more or less negative than its predecessors, 85 per cent of Canadians […]

‘Beer and hockey:’ Government-hosted webpage outlines Canadian culture

Aug 2 2019 — Rachel Gilmore — What do you do when you meet a Canadian? According to a page on the government’s website, you might want to ask about the weather. “Good topics of conversation are: work, studies, the weather (a good opener), one’s house, vacations, sports (especially hockey, American football, baseball, water sports and, increasingly, soccer/football) and other leisure activities.”

These were the most-signed e-petitions sent to the Trudeau government

Aug 1 2019 — Rachel Gilmore — Concerns, questions and frustrations from Canadians can all find a platform on the government’s e-petition site, which – provided one gets the wording up to snuff and can convince a member of Parliament to sponsor one’s petition – allows citizens to open up an issue for the endorsement of other Canadians. If the petition gets […]

Canadians can expect to have their personal information collected at Canada-U.S. border

Jul 12 2019 — Rachel Gilmore — All travellers crossing the border between Canada and the United States can expect to have some of their personal information recorded now that a new phase of a border agreement has been implemented. The program started in 2012, when border agencies for both countries began collecting information on third-country nationals and permanent legal residents at […]