National Newswatch

Trudeau defends NATO rejection of Ukraine’s no-fly-zone request

Mar 4 2022 — Rachel Gilmore — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending NATO’s decision to reject establishing a no-fly-zone over Ukraine, warning the move would lead to an “unfortunate” escalation in the conflict. He made the comment during a press conference on Friday, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy enters the ninth day of his call for NATO to impose and enforce […]

Convoy protesters tear down fence protecting National War Memorial

Feb 12 2022 — Rachel Gilmore — Protesters from the so-called “freedom convoy” in Ottawa have torn down a fence that had been put around the National War Memorial to protect it from further desecration. The fence was first erected after multiple incidents were reported in the early days of the demonstration, including protesters urinating on the site and dancing on the […]

Mapping the trucker convoy in Ottawa: ‘no one’s leaving here’

Feb 11 2022 — Rachel Gilmore — The so-called “freedom convoy” that has snarled downtown Ottawa streets is widening its grip on the city, sprawling out in new, smaller encampments scattered around town. And while the police say they’ve negotiated movement of some trucks around the city, there are protesters in various encampments who continue to dig in their heels. “If trucks […]

Trudeau: Ottawa residents need their ‘lives back,’ won’t commit to negotiate with truckers

Feb 3 2022 — Rachel Gilmore — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the people living in Ottawa deserve to get their lives back, as the so-called “freedom convoy” continues to occupy downtown streets — but he won’t say whether he’s willing to negotiate with the group leading the demonstration. Trudeau made the comment during a Thursday press conference, as questions arise about […]

‘Fringe minority’ in truck convoy with ‘unacceptable views’ don’t represent Canadians: Trudeau

Jan 26 2022 — Rachel Gilmore — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the “fringe minority” heading to Ottawa in a truck convoy that hold “unacceptable views” don’t represent the way most Canadians feel. He made the comments in a press conference Wednesday evening, on the heels of Global News reports that far-right and white nationalist groups see the convoy as an opportunity.