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Trudeau blackface affair overblown by over-the-top media

Oct 5 2019 — Ralph Surette — Here’s a conundrum. Justin Trudeau is more or less even in the polls with the Conservatives; he’s still competitive and still apparently likely to form at least a minority government, despite two career-crushing, politically catastrophic, world-rattling scandals.   At least, that’s what they were according to what we might call the hypermedia — the national TV news networks running to […]

Let’s pare down worst Senate in Western world

Jan 9 2016 — Ralph Surette — Have we given up on Senate reform? The debate seems to have drifted down into a muddle about how to fill 22 vacant seats. This is not good enough. Let us remind ourselves of what the real scandal is. It’s the fact that the damn thing costs nearly $100 million a year to run — […]

Red Tories might as well chuck it in, join Liberals

Oct 31 2015 — Ralph Surette — Let us join the hallelujahs arising from the capitals of the Western world and beyond, celebrating the disappearance of a nasty troublemaker from the global stage — a Canadian, embarrassingly — and thank our lucky stars that our flawed democracy still works, and that we could get rid of a budding despot. But when things […]

As election nears, civil servants tossing the PMO’s muzzles

Jul 11 2015 — Ralph Surette — Here’s more regarding my standing prophecy that federal civil servants, seething under Stephen Harper’s repressive yoke, will spit out the full story between now and the election. After my column of two weeks ago saying that the “Mother Canada” statue for Cape Breton Highlands National Park was a cook-up by the Prime Minister’s Office served […]

Conservatives flog values, make desperation moves

May 30 2015 — Ralph Surette — In a rare acknowledgement that Atlantic Canada actually exists, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in Truro recently to buck up support for his candidate against Bill Casey, the Liberal standard-bearer for Cumberland-Colchester. Casey’s the former Tory MP who got booted out of the Conservative party in 2007 for a principled act of opposition to one […]

Harper’s extremism pushing opposition onto the streets

Mar 21 2015 — Ralph Surette — It’s getting worse. Stephen Harper is now serving notice that he’s willing to tear the social fabric of the country apart if that’s what it takes to get his party re-elected. That is, if torquing democratic process, the rule of law, election rules, the tax system etc., etc., to make them conform to Harperism isn’t […]

Attention voters! Send Tories packing

Jan 24 2015 — Ralph Surette — From now until election day, everything — economy, security, foreign policy, oil prices, etc., and every trivial thing besides — will erupt into a political firefight. Everything, that is, except for the core issues running under the radar that make the coming election one of the most vital in Canada in a very long time. […]

Harper could still hang on, even after defacing Canada

May 17 2014 — Ralph Surette — Watching Stephen Harper envenom not only the politics of the day but hammer at our deepest societal framework — the rule of law, democratic process — is to wonder what will be left of our self-respect as a nation if he wins the next election, thanks to a splintered electorate. Harper is a genius at […]