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Doug Ford gives Ontario police-state tactics instead of COVID measures that actually work

Apr 16 2021 — Randall Denley — Ontario Premier Doug Ford brought in the toughest pandemic restrictions the province has ever seen Friday. They better work because there isn’t much more the government can do. Ford’s new approach is an odd mix of bluster, misdirection, overdue restrictions and authoritarian, punitive measures that will infuriate Ontarians for little practical gain. It’s hard to […]

Ford’s latest lazy lockdown plan shows he hasn’t learned from the last ones

Apr 1 2021 — Randall Denley — Messages don’t come much more mixed than the ones delivered Thursday by Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his top COVID-19 advisers. In the morning, Dr. Adalsteinn Brown, co-chair of the province’s science advisory group, presented his usual prophecy of doom. The latest COVID modelling projects sharply increasing case numbers as the deadlier, more contagious virus […]

Doug Ford can’t afford not to fire Rod Phillips

Dec 31 2020 — Randall Denley — Ontario Premier Doug Ford has made a lot of tough decisions during the pandemic, some of them right, some of them wrong. The next decision he has to make should be easy, if unpleasant. Finance Minister Rod Phillips has to be fired, not just for taking a Caribbean vacation while other Ontarians are locked down, […]

Doug Ford’s nonsensical Ontario-wide lockdown is his dumbest move yet

Dec 21 2020 — Randall Denley — Ontario Premier Doug Ford made the dumbest move of his premiership Monday. His severe pandemic lockdown of the entire province will not only subject millions of Ontarians to unnecessary restrictions, it effectively undermines the idea that his government’s decision-making is driven by science, logic or even a minimum of rationality. There is a significant COVID […]

Ontarians’ reaction to competing climate change plans may decide the next federal election

Dec 28 2018 — Randall Denley — Ontarians have a big environmental and political decision to make in 2019. It is one that will go a long way toward determining the outcome of the fall federal election. They have been offered two competing approaches to combat climate change. The provincial government’s plan will regulate emissions and offer incentives to reduce them. Expect […]

Stephen Harper’s “economic manager” brand is risky

Jul 29 2015 — Randall Denley — Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s reputation as an economic manager has taken a bit of a hit as Canada experiences a possible recession. So much so that a Nanos Research poll this week showed that 47 per cent of people believe that electing NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair would have a positive or somewhat positive effect on […]