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Canada needs to rethink its innovation policy to meet grand challenges

Sep 14 2020 — Robert Asselin — We live in an era increasingly defined by grand challenges: a global pandemic, an unsettling new geopolitical order, and an economy shaped by complex issues such as climate change, rising inequality, and demographic shifts. These challenges require us to think about public policy differently, with a bolder vision. More than ever, Canada’s economic success relies […]

We lost our fiscal anchor. We’re going to need a new one

Sep 9 2020 — Robert Asselin — The COVID-19 pandemic has touched virtually every aspect of Canadian public policy. Its public health effects are the most significant priority in the short run. But its substantial economic and fiscal effects may be even more significant over the long run. The pandemic will continue to suppress economic activity for the foreseeable future. Even if […]

The truth about Clarity

Aug 15 2015 — Robert Asselin — Some observers, namely a few political scientists sympathetic to the NDP, have wondered in the last few days why the Leader of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, decided to raise the issue of national unity at the Maclean’s debate last week. While campaigning in Québec on the eve of la Fête nationale du Québec on […]

Obama’s diplomatic achievements

Jul 20 2015 — Robert Asselin — Not long ago, the pundits and chattering class were turning off the lights on the Obama presidency. They said he had failed to live up to the promise of the hopes he had created as a presidential candidate. After the 2014 midterm election, the President looked isolated politically and the prospects of success on the […]

A significant gesture

Jun 4 2014 — Robert Asselin — In announcing a meaningful plan to fight climate change, US President Obama has put forward one of the most significant acts of his presidency. The objective announced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce power plants carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 (compared to 2005 levels) represents the largest effort ever undertaken by the […]

Un geste significatif

Jun 3 2014 — Robert Asselin — En annonçant hier un plan de lutte sérieux contre les changements climatiques, le président américain Obama a posé l’un des gestes les plus significatifs de sa présidence. L’objectif annoncé par l’Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) de réduire de 30% d’ici 2030 les émissions de carbone par rapport à celles de 2005 représente le plus grand effort […]

On Keystone, Harper has no one to blame but himself

Apr 28 2014 — Robert Asselin — Two weeks ago, we learned that President Barack Obama called Prime Minister Stephen Harper to inform him of his decision to delay indefinitely the approval of the Keystone pipeline. In an article Bloomberg ran this week describing the fallout of the call, the prime minister was described as quite “irritated” by the news. “Harper, according to […]

Would a Senate reform gambit by Harper give the PQ their “winning conditions”?

Nov 1 2013 — Robert Asselin — After another week of appalling new revelations, exacerbating contradictions and failed attempts to make the issue go away, everybody is now speculating about the Prime Minister’s next move in his management of the Senate scandal crisis as he prepares to deliver an important keynote speech to Conservative party faithful tonight in Calgary. At this point, […]

PM abdicates responsibility in Duffy fiasco

May 22 2013 — Robert Asselin — By Robert Asselin | May 22, 2013 The conventional wisdom in Ottawa these days is that the Mike Duffy story is emblematic of an arrogant, tired government that after more than eight years in power has lost touch with ordinary Canadians. The Prime Minister’s sideshow at yesterday’s caucus was one for the books. Watching Mr. Harper play […]