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Kenney, what does he think of Trudeau now?

Jul 16 2021 — Rick Bell — We heard a lot about the prime minister during the last Alberta election. A whole lot. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The bad guy. That was then, this is now and some who cast their ballot for Jason Kenney’s United Conservatives and welcomed his pledge to tangle with Trudeau and then put the man in the […]

Jason Kenney is no humble pie-eating Ralph Klein

Jun 4 2021 — Rick Bell — It would have been so easy. Photos. Not the best look. The white table cloth, the wine, the big bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Premier Jason Kenney, and Tyler Shandro, his unpopular Health Minister, and Jason Nixon, the premier’s designated buddy, and Travis Toews, his trusty budget boss. The United Conservative Fab Four along with […]

Kenney, UCP bigshots, patio pictures, all hell breaks loose

Jun 3 2021 — Rick Bell — The political rehabilitation of Premier Jason Kenney will have to be put off to another day. On this day a picture is truly worth a thousand words. But let’s back up a sec … The United Conservative government is not popular. The NDP is up by 13 points among decided voters and those leaning one […]

Kenney sinks in poll, UCP COVID wrangling, election threatened

Apr 11 2021 — Rick Bell — Premier Jason Kenney’s world looks to be falling apart. He needs to put his Humpty Dumpty back together again. Then we hear the bombshell. I’m told the premier threw down the gauntlet behind closed doors Thursday and informed United Conservative members of the legislature if they don’t have confidence in the government, then they should […]

Team Kenney to Alberta on COVID Step 3, it’s Trudeau’s fault!

Mar 24 2021 — Rick Bell — Look, look over there! There’s the bad guy! This is one where the court of public opinion is judge and jury. You see, it’s no secret more than a few folks are peeved off with the stalling on Alberta’s Step 3 COVID-19 reopening. Most of these individuals are people who voted for Premier Jason Kenney’s […]

Premier Kenney, get your act together!

Jan 28 2021 — Rick Bell — If you’d told me on Alberta election night I’d be writing this column on the Jason Kenney government this day or any day I would have thought you were crazy. But I’m writing it and you’re not crazy.

Keystone XL headed for the grave. Where’s Trudeau?

Jan 19 2021 — Rick Bell — We knew it was coming when Joe Biden won the election south of the border. When Alberta’s bet for Donald Trump to win did not pay out, a bet of about a billion Alberta taxpayer bucks sunk into a pipeline. Biden is the U.S. president-elect and will be president Wednesday and everyone knew he wanted […]

Premier Kenney, it’s time to face the music

Jan 5 2021 — Rick Bell — People ask. Is it enough? Do you think Premier Jason Kenney did enough? Jamie Huckabay, Kenney’s high-powered political point man, his ever-trusty chief of staff, his Oxford-educated blue-chip sidekick is out the door after jetting off to the COVID-infested United Kingdom while we were locked down and then scurrying back home through the States. Tracy […]

Premier Kenney, Albertans white-hot angry. Where are you?

Jan 4 2021 — Rick Bell — Where is Premier Jason Kenney? This Sunday shouldn’t have been a day of rest for him. It should have been a day of action. It was for me. Reading all the emails, the steady stream of outrage. From folks of every political stripe, from every part of the province. People who did what they were […]

Kenney soft on Trudeau, hard on Alberta separatism

Oct 25 2020 — Rick Bell — I can’t believe I’m giving up watching the movie Patton. For this. Maybe it’s because the United Conservatives have a convention by computer and not up close and personal. Maybe it’s because Premier Jason Kenney is sitting self-isolated in front of his computer doing his speechifying with no live audience. Maybe it’s because these days […]

Kenney vs NDP, will UCP budget cut 2.5% or 14.1%?

Mar 4 2020 — Rick Bell — Be still my heart. Who would have thought the Notley NDP would be using my bit of modest scribbling as a rocket to be launched at Premier Jason Kenney. Guess if you find what you think is the ammo you don’t care where it comes from, you just fire away. So there is scrappy Sarah […]

Kenney lets Trudeau off the hook on Teck

Feb 26 2020 — Rick Bell — The fallout from the Teck debacle now seems to be more a whimper than a bang. We’d been led to believe if the Teck Frontier super-size $20-billion oilsands mine was a no-go there would be a bang, a big bang, a crossing-the-line-in-the-sand bang, a Trudeau-watch-your-step-if-you-know-what’s-good-for-you bang. A few weeks ago, Jack Mintz, a local deep […]

Trudeau Liberals attack Alberta, monkeying with Teck mine

Feb 7 2020 — Rick Bell — Shannon Stubbs has clearly had it. Like so many of us, she has really had it. Up to here. Mad as hell. The Alberta Conservative MP who doesn’t suffer Liberal fools gladly issues a warning. She says the Trudeau Liberals are “playing with fire.” No Teck mine and Albertans will be furious, a glimmer of […]