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Alberta anger boils over, poll says NDP in big trouble

Dec 13 2018 — Rick Bell — Now it is truly the winter of our discontent. And there is no relief. Only discontent unanswered, discontent unaddressed, grievances ignored and tossed aside. Alberta, the chumps of Confederation. Others take our money and crap on us while doing everything they can to stop us making the money they take.

Kenney wants March vote, slams Notley, Trudeau

Dec 7 2018 — Rick Bell — Talk about champing at the bit. United Conservative leader Jason Kenney wants Alberta’s election day to be in the first week of March 2019. That is, as soon as the law allows. “This government, I believe, is living on borrowed time and it should not seek to prolong the pain.”

Kenney says Alberta must act or face NEP-style storm

Nov 29 2018 — Rick Bell — Jason Kenney, the United Conservative leader, thinks it’s time for Alberta to act and act big and act now. Landlocked Alberta oil with no pipelines is being sold for peanuts. Actually, for less than peanuts. Less than bottled water, come to think of it. Alberta loses billions as the province almost gives away its once-golden […]

Trudeau had his chance and he blew it

Jul 7 2018 — Rick Bell — The prime minister is handed a wide-open opportunity to do better, to do much better. And he blew it. He really, truly blew it. We are on the rooftop of a Calgary airport parkade for a government announcement when the news breaks on Friday afternoon. The woman Trudeau allegedly groped 18 years ago sends out […]

Trudeau in Calgary takes on critics, Kenney rips him

May 16 2018 — Rick Bell — O ye, of little faith. The prime minister is in town Tuesday. It’s your scribbler’s turn to ask a question. Trudeau is friendly. He’s always friendly to yours truly. I tell him I don’t want to have to write he didn’t tell us anything new about the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to the west coast.

If Jason Kenney wins, it’s war

Oct 28 2017 — Rick Bell — Crystal-balling political races is a crap shoot. Brian Jean could become leader of the United Conservatives Saturday but it’s Jason Kenney who really makes the NDP’s blood boil. Jean says he is the much better bet to win throughout the province and has survived all the slings and arrows fired by the NDP anger machine. […]

Nenshi and Bill Smith go toe-to-toe in mayor’s race dust-up

Oct 3 2017 — Rick Bell — Nenshi is down in the polls but not out for the count. On Monday night, at Stephen Avenue’s Palace Theatre, all that’s missing are the ring girls holding up the card telling us what round we’re watching. For those wanting to see some blood in the blood sports of politics, we get some. Have to […]

Alberta conservatives unite: Let the games begin

Jul 23 2017 — Rick Bell — The number stuns almost everyone in the room. The overwhelming verdict is much bigger than almost all Wildrosers predicted. The number is read out. 95.4%. What? 95.4%. Yes, more than 95% of Wildrosers agree to unite with the PCs, their former political foe. That’s 23,466 Yes and 1,132 No. “Unity! Unity! Unity!” the crowd cheers, […]

Notley calls out PC leader Jason Kenney for “arrogance” after he says the premier needs an economics course and he’ll pay for it

Jul 11 2017 — Rick Bell — Premier Notley took the offensive at her Stampede breakfast Monday morning. Suffice it to say, she’s not taking Jason Kenney up on his offer. Over the past weekend, PC leader Kenney called the Notley NDP “a government of economic illiterates.” He saw them as a group of politicians living in denial after the latest bad […]

Kevin O’Leary arrives in Calgary pulling no punches

Mar 9 2017 — Rick Bell — It’s early morning in Calgary. Kevin O’Leary heads to a booth at Sauce, a well-known Italian kitchen and market. Everyone in the place knows O’Leary. No surprise, it’s O’Leary of reality show fame. But the man now faces a political reality. He’s trying to become the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. It […]

Trudeau believes Albertans coming his way on carbon tax

Mar 2 2017 — Rick Bell — Justin Trudeau has one hell of a hill to climb. But he’s convinced he will reach the summit. Trudeau was back in Calgary, his sixth trip as prime minister, as he pointed out. Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney are out of federal politics. Their seats, representing Calgary ridings in Ottawa, are up for grabs and […]