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Canada may be cracked but it’s not broken

Dec 27 2018 — Rob Breakenridge — It is undeniable that a deep sense of frustration has settled in across Alberta, and it’s unlike any we’ve seen in at least a generation. It seems to have gone beyond mere frustration with the current federal government and the legal impasse over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project and morphed into a broader disillusionment […]

Liberals should have announced an amnesty for pot prosecutions

Apr 11 2017 — Rob Breakenridge — In sharp contrast to last year, marijuana activist Dana Larsen’s latest visit to Calgary ended up being uneventful, at least from a law enforcement perspective. As part of Larsen’s cross-country Overgrow Canada tour, he was handing out marijuana seeds to those in attendance at Friday’s event. Police were briefly present, but left without incident. It’s […]

Kenney should focus more on the economy and less on social issues

Apr 4 2017 — Rob Breakenridge — With recent polls showing widespread dissatisfaction with the NDP’s handling of Alberta’s finances and continued opposition to the carbon tax, it seems strange and pointless for conservatives to veer off into more contentious social issues. Frankly, the NDP would be delighted to have a distraction from economic issues, and newly minted PC Leader Jason Kenney […]

Alberta needs to either spend less, or tax more

Feb 28 2017 — Rob Breakenridge — Two days after our neighbours to the west tabled their fifth straight balanced budget, Alberta’s finance minister had the unenviable task of informing us just how bleak our budgetary picture is. Joe Ceci attempted to put his best possible spin on the third-quarter update, with all kinds of talk about signs of recovery and Alberta […]

Carbon tax opponents should avoid unhelpful distractions

Dec 13 2016 — Rob Breakenridge — There was an abundance of enthusiasm Sunday as hundreds gathered in downtown Calgary for the latest iteration of Rebel Media’s travelling anti-carbon tax protest. Noticeably absent, however, was the now-infamous “lock her up” chants directed at Premier Rachel Notley that had tarred the previous weekend’s protest at the legislature. Perhaps those in attendance were simply […]

Alberta conservatives come up short in opposition to a carbon tax

Oct 14 2016 — Rob Breakenridge — For current and aspiring Alberta conservative politicians, the last two weeks appear to have bestowed an embarrassment of political riches. Fresh on the heels of a poll showing two-thirds of Albertans oppose Premier Rachel Notley’s carbon tax, along comes Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to announce that Ottawa will impose its own carbon price – […]