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Alberta conservatives come up short in opposition to a carbon tax

Oct 14 2016 — Rob Breakenridge — For current and aspiring Alberta conservative politicians, the last two weeks appear to have bestowed an embarrassment of political riches. Fresh on the heels of a poll showing two-thirds of Albertans oppose Premier Rachel Notley’s carbon tax, along comes Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to announce that Ottawa will impose its own carbon price – […]

Notley takes high-risk, high-reward approach to oil

Jul 19 2016 — Rob Breakenridge — Given that the Notley government is in many ways banking on a recovery in natural resource revenue, it’s highly unlikely that they’re simultaneously hatching a scheme to sabotage the oil and gas industry. It may prove to be the case that their policies are detrimental to the industry and ultimately make Alberta less competitive. By […]

Kenney must avoid getting trapped up by social issues

Jul 12 2016 — Rob Breakenridge — As the father of two students in the Alberta public school system, the notion that the government might be engaged in some “social engineering” of my children sounds vaguely menacing. However, it’s not unreasonable to ask any politicians raising such a threat to elaborate in more detail about it. Which brings us to Jason Kenney, […]

Rage will only take Alberta conservatives so far

Feb 23 2016 — Rob Breakenridge — It has been a mixed bag for conservative opponents of Alberta’s NDP government. One conservative media outlet was handed a gift from the government, while another opposition movement is slowly imploding. It’s clear that conservatives of all varieties are feeling motivated these days, as the Notley government is giving them much to dislike. And it’s […]

Be wary when politicians talk about diversification

Feb 16 2016 — Rob Breakenridge — It’s rather strange to see how Alberta has found a new role as B.C.’s whipping boy. Last week’s speech from the throne on the West Coast took a handful of gratuitous shots at Alberta, fresh on the heels of B.C. Premier Christy Clark vowing to oppose yet another pipeline to tidewater. Apparently, Clark sees great […]

Critics of Harper’s gun comments are off the mark

Mar 24 2015 — Rob Breakenridge — Among the most ardent Conservative supporters, a narrative has taken hold of a so-called Media Party operating in cahoots to undermine the noble agenda of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and to diminish the Conservatives’ electoral prospects. And while in reality there is much to criticize when it comes to this government, irrational condemnations only serve […]

Let’s not praise Prentice too much just yet

Sep 24 2014 — Rob Breakenridge — In contrast to his low-key leadership campaign, it’s been a wild cavalcade of major announcements in the first week of the Premier Jim Prentice era. One might wonder why candidate Prentice never spoke of the need to sell the government air fleet, cancel the proposed new licence plates, or keep the Michener Centre open. But […]

Prentice is already watering down his promises

Aug 27 2014 — Rob Breakenridge — He’s not even premier yet, but already Jim Prentice is climbing down from his promises. Last Thursday, Prentice announced that one of his first acts as premier would be to introduce legislation to implement term limits — three terms for MLAs and two terms for premiers. This commitment was at the centre of a broader […]