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On ‘Climate Barbie’ and the art of the insult

Nov 7 2017 — Rosie DiManno — “Climate Barbie” is a brilliant barb. Wish I’d thought of it myself. That the sling originated with the Alberta bureau chief of The Rebel is neither here nor there, beyond the fact that The Rebel is an often nasty and deliriously right-wing political and social commentary media website. They make their bones speaking the unspeakable, […]

Our statue grievances show we’re getting out of control

Sep 5 2017 — Rosie DiManno — While I clearly remember learning in grade school about John Cabot’s discovery of what is now Canada — the navigator and explorer, commissioned by King Henry VII, probed Newfoundland and sailed into the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 1497 — I don’t recall any teacher explaining his name was actually Giovanni Caboto. This could be […]

World needs more Canada? More like the other way around

Jul 1 2017 — Rosie DiManno — At a certain point in life birthdays are to be endured rather than enjoyed — until they become enjoyable again, nearer the end of days and a whole bunch of things don’t much matter anymore. Probably it’s not the same for nations. As life cycles go, Canada hasn’t even reached puberty yet. Though it cracks […]

Karla Homolka should be hounded for the rest of her life

Jun 2 2017 — Rosie DiManno — Twenty-five years seems like a long time. A lifetime. A life sentence. The life sentence, with no possibility of parole for 25 years, Paul Bernardo received for two first-degree murders, kidnapping, forcible confinement, aggravated sexual assault and committing an indignity to a dead body. Following his 1995 trial and conviction in the slayings of teenagers […]

What we shouldn’t ignore when we talk about Daesh

May 26 2017 — Rosie DiManno — We are witnessing the death rattle of a death cult. But, oh, it can still sting. In Manchester on Monday night, the good times of a pop concert were brought to blood-drenched carnage by a suicide bomber whose terrorism has been claimed by the Islamic State. Daesh, as the pitiless organization is called by many […]

Senator Don Meredith’s conduct is nothing but shameful

Mar 19 2017 — Rosie DiManno — There is the power of position, prestige, influence, manifest manhood. There is the power of an adolescent girl’s sexual allure. Both Don Meredith, the senator, and Ms. M., the teenager, came to their clearly “inappropriate” liaison with weapons. And they wielded them. Ms. M.: The erotica of explicit online photos, pungent texts and Skype foreplay, […]

Can Sarah Palin see Ottawa from her house?

Feb 12 2017 — Rosie DiManno — I’d venture that 99.99 per cent of adult Canadians wouldn’t recognize the name Bruce Heyman. He was the U.S. ambassador to this country, a Barack Obama appointee who resigned his position following U.S. President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Traditionally ambassadors pink-slip themselves at the start of a new administration, though Trump took the unusual step of […]

Kevin O’Leary’s debate debut was less than stellar

Feb 5 2017 — Rosie DiManno — As a non-viewer of reality TV, his small-screen fame hadn’t registered on my radar at all. If ever I saw Shark Tank in television listings, I assumed it was some kind of nature programming. Dragons’ Den was equally an unknown entity. Now, after a crash course via media archives, I have been enlightened. O’Leary is […]

Road show a smart move for chummy Justin Trudeau

Jan 17 2017 — Rosie DiManno — Dartmouth instead of Davos. A hockey rink in Nova Scotia rather than a resort in the Swiss Alps. Reconnecting with ordinary Canadians swapped in for the World Economic Forum annual tall forehead yakapalooza. That’s how much Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, globe-trotter extraordinaire, is committed to rotating the tires on a public image chassis distinctly dented […]

Jane Fonda as tone deaf as her selfie-loving target

Jan 12 2017 — Rosie DiManno — With the cameras rolling, Jane Fonda most famously straddled Donald Sutherland in Klute and Jon Voigt in Coming Home. Oh, and a Vietcong enemy aircraft gun targeting American planes. Although that episode wasn’t for the movies, merely for anti-U.S. propaganda purposes. No simulation. For that deplorable bit of Hollywood star egomania — leading with her […]

Self-pitying Sandra Jansen should man up

Nov 27 2016 — Rosie DiManno — You’re invited to a self-pity party. RSVP on social media. No doubt Alberta NDP novice Sandra Jansen — previously of the Progressive Conservatives until ditching that party for a more comfortable pew with the province’s left-leaning government — was dismayed and hurt by the coarse, misogynistic, even threatening messages she received after crossing the floor […]

Trump turned election campaign into a scorched-earth rampage

Nov 9 2016 — Rosie DiManno — America is angry, seething with bitterness and bile. America is maddened. America should be ashamed of itself. This is indeed a conspiracy — of racists and reactionaries, white supremacists, misogynists, Islamophobes and xenophobes, isolationists, sexual scavengers, haters. A nation unparalleled in might and brilliance. A nation built on a plinth of freedom and liberty and […]