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Aren’t you paying attention? Sexting is a mug’s game

Nov 8 2018 — Rosie DiManno — The Honorable Member from Parry Sound—Muskoka has done the honourable thing and fallen on his member. Otherwise known as slipping a rubber on a scandal. Citizen porn has brought Conservative MP Tony Clement to his knees, you should forgive the expression. Dick pix, apparently, and a video to boot shared with a person the married […]

With Mali mission, Canadian troops are entering a madhouse

Mar 22 2018 — Rosie DiManno — Canadian troops deployed in UN peacekeeping missions, as of Feb. 28, 2018: 0. Canadian police deployed in UN peacekeeping missions as of Feb. 28, 2018: 19. Canadian staff officers deployed in UN peacekeeping missions as of Feb. 28, 2018: 12. In all, 22 actual soldiers — excluding some staff positions — are participating in four […]

Bravo to TVO for not caving under pressure

Feb 5 2018 — Rosie DiManno — I don’t know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying. I don’t know if Steve Paikin made a stupid joke and Sarah Thomson took it seriously. But I do know that, amidst the tsunami of allegations of sexual impropriety against high-profile individuals, at least one employer has not taken shelter from the storm by pre-emptively […]

I don’t care if Patrick Brown was a randy womanizer

Jan 27 2018 — Rosie DiManno — A teenage girl walks into a bar . . . An unwelcome pass from a much older man. “Get lost!” That’s how you do it, stranger-to-stranger. It isn’t rocket science. You don’t stagger drunk back to the guy’s house and then get all damsel-in-distress stressed over a crossed-wires sloppy seduction scene, as, way belatedly, both […]

Patrick Brown’s downfall an affront to fairness

Jan 25 2018 — Rosie DiManno — It’s not a magnifying glass. It’s an ice pick. The sweeping arc and thrust of sexual misconduct allegations, untested and unchallenged. Uncharged, need one add. Which apparently doesn’t matter a fig in these caustic accusatory times. Throw in an “alleged” here and there — the media’s doing, not the politicians who rushed to the podium […]

So much of the Joshua Boyle story just makes no sense

Jan 7 2018 — Rosie DiManno — I don’t believe Joshua Boyle. Never have. Not the alleged abduction of Boyle and pregnant wife Caitlin Coleman in Afghanistan by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani network, not their diverse reasons for venturing into a benighted and extremely dangerous war-ravaged country where the Taliban has been clawing back swaths of territory since NATO and American forces withdrew, […]

2017 was a banner year for stupidity

Dec 30 2017 — Rosie DiManno — It was another year of living stupidly. In the great big world outside Toronto and in the centre of the universe that is Toronto. Especially along King St., denuded of cars. Or on any of the bicycle-only lanes cluttering our fair to middling metropolis. Ring up — beep beep — a victory for the bicycultists, […]

On ‘Climate Barbie’ and the art of the insult

Nov 7 2017 — Rosie DiManno — “Climate Barbie” is a brilliant barb. Wish I’d thought of it myself. That the sling originated with the Alberta bureau chief of The Rebel is neither here nor there, beyond the fact that The Rebel is an often nasty and deliriously right-wing political and social commentary media website. They make their bones speaking the unspeakable, […]