National Newswatch

Stepping on Rakes

Jan 26 2023 — Rick Peterson — One of Canada’s leading portfolio managers told me something a week ago that keeps popping into my mind. “One of the most important things a pension fund manager knows,” he said “is not to do anything that puts you on the front page of the newspapers.” That makes sense. The only time you really see […]

The biggest kid on the block

Jan 19 2023 — Rick Peterson — So you think it makes sense to run our own pension plan here in Alberta? There may be a political argument for it, but from the viewpoint of potential investment returns for Albertan pensioners, it looks like it could be a big mistake. Why is that? Because if you follow the money, you’ll see what […]

Are Canadian snowbirds profiting from Uyghur slave camps?

Nov 29 2022 — Rick Peterson — Earlier this month two highly credible UK-based research groups released a report that should horrify all Canadians. According to Hong Kong Watch (HKW) and the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice, the Canada Pension Plan currently invests $14 billion in two equity indices which hold shares in companies profiting from Uyghur slave labour prisoners in […]

Gen-Z to the rescue

Nov 13 2022 — Rick Peterson — It looks like we may be seeing the first break in the populist political wave that’s been washing across North America over the past few years. And it may be the youngest among us, the Generation Z cohort, who are doing the heavy lifting to make this happen. The U.S. midterm elections have slammed the […]

Crickets in Quebec

Sep 8 2022 — Rick Peterson — If you’re a Quebec Anglo, the name Raymond Théberge may not mean much to you. He’s Canada’s Commissioner of Official Languages. His job is to defend Canada’s Official Languages Act. His mandate, and that of his Office, includes ensuring equality of English and French in federal government agencies and society at large, including at the […]

Centre Ice Canadians: Changing the way we do politics

Aug 31 2022 — Rick Peterson — Yes, that’s right. Centre Ice Canadians. Four months after a group of us launched what we thought would be a small but interesting little organization called “Centre Ice Conservatives”, we’re today officially changing our name to Centre Ice Canadians. Why the name change?

Shift Happens

Jul 10 2022 — Rick Peterson — Do you ever look at video clips of NHL games from a decade ago and marvel at how brutally slow and amateurish those players look compared to the skill level of today’s game ? Go back to the heydays of the Oilers and Montreal Canadiens in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and it’s even worse. We […]

Conservative meltdowns: the cure is at the centre

May 19 2022 — Rick Peterson — We’re now witnessing, live and direct, leadership meltdowns in Alberta’s United Conservative Party and in the Conservative Party of Canada. It’s an ugly scene on both counts: the long, painful and twisting campaign leading to Premier Jason Kenney’s ouster in Alberta and an increasingly nasty, personal and divisive race for the Conservative Party of Canada […]

Train Wreck Nightmare

Dec 16 2019 — Rick Peterson — Railroads are usually associated with Canada’s “National Dream”, but they can also serve as a good metaphor for a national debt nightmare. Imagine this: you’re tied down to a railroad track, and not far away you can see a lumbering freight train of national debt. It’s slowly picking up speed and headed straight towards you. Horrified, you […]