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Brown runs to replace himself as PCs race to debase themselves

Feb 16 2018 — Rex Murphy — The appetite of the Ontario PCs for chaos, and their fertility in supplying it, is matchless. Only two weeks ago I mused that they had outdone themselves, that as the Scottish lord in the play put it: “Confusion now hath made his masterpiece.” How else to describe a party leader doomed under the cloud of […]

A whiff of BLM grapeshot, and Niki Ashton waves the surrender flag (I dare not call it ‘white’, in this context)

Mar 17 2017 — Rex Murphy — It is a great wide world in which the strangest things bring people together. Two prominent feminists, from different political parties, one of whom is already a leader, the other seeking that status, have found themselves in the judgement court of the inquisitional Black Lives Matter branch plant in Canada. Just over a month ago, […]

Justin Trudeau the Boy Scout must settle into Donald Trump’s world

Jan 27 2017 — Rex Murphy — Was Jane Fonda, who achieved worldly fame in the 1980s doing aerobic step routines in phosphorescent spandex suits, at the ill-named Women’s March on Washington last Saturday? Ill-named, well, yes. It was the Some Women’s March on Washington. The idea that the parade was a grand convocation speaking with the voice of universal Womanhood staring […]

If Trudeau wants UN Security Council seat, he’ll have to answer questions about Israel

Dec 30 2016 — Rex Murphy — The first (foreign policy) question Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be asked in this New Year is whether he approves of the Obama administration organized, New Zealand-Venezuela mediated, UN resolution against Israel? Does he approve of the UN Security Council’s vote of censure against Israel? That’s a question on the substance of the resolution. There […]

Trudeau’s Lost Sheen

Dec 23 2016 — Rex Murphy — Rex Murphy thinks it 2016 belongs to Justin Trudeau. But next year will be far less of an easy ride for Canada’s Prime Minister.

Curb your climate change enthusiasm

Nov 19 2016 — Rex Murphy — At the critical moment of every second-rate movie ever made, when the town is under siege from the bandits, or the maiden is tied to the railway tracks and the hero is lost on what must be done, there will come a voice from the crowd: “What we need now is action!” With that insight, […]

Where, oh where, has the NDP gone?

Sep 9 2016 — Rex Murphy — Where, oh where, has the NDP gone? Not so long ago, they were the official Opposition. And in the run-up to the last election, they appeared for a moment to have a real chance of unseating Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and forming the next government. Alas, for the NDP, that was but a glimmer of hope, […]

Canada is back — and the Liberals have the pictures to prove it

Aug 26 2016 — Rex Murphy — The Conference of the Parties (COP) is the drab, nondescript name given to the massive annual huddles, held in some of the world’s great cities — Rio, Beijing, Paris — by the doomsayers at the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The panel modestly described the COP as the “supreme body of the United Nations […]