National Newswatch

Learn from ‘Nixon shock’—control central bankers, limit ability to debase currency

Aug 14 2021 — Robert P. Murphy — This Sunday, Aug. 15 marks the 50th anniversary of the so-called “Nixon shock” in 1971 when the President Richard Nixon ended the convertibility of the U.S. dollar into gold. Although Nixon said the suspension would be temporary, and reassured Americans that the surprise move would “stabilize the dollar,” these were false promises. The closing of […]

Climate activists discard the ‘science’ for the extreme ‘unknown’

Nov 7 2019 — Robert P. Murphy — Now that the election’s over, the Trudeau government (perhaps now in closer concert with parties across the aisle) will continue its climate policy program. It’s therefore worth noting the recent tragic death of Harvard economist Martin Weitzman has underscored his work on climate risk assessment, which many climate activists use to argue for more aggressive […]

Climate policy—results more important than rhetoric

Aug 15 2019 — Robert P. Murphy — I work on environmental and energy economics in both Canada and the United States. I’ve noticed that U.S. debates tend to focus on abstract principles— “capitalism versus socialism,” for example—whereas Canadians tend to put aside ideology and inquire about the empirical details. In this context, and as Canada’s political parties rollout their climate plans for […]

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