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Should Champions of Liberalism Get Behind Trudeau’s Online Speech Restrictions?

Apr 8 2021 — Robert Stewart — With the Liberal Party soon introducing their long-promised online “hate speech” ban, it’s important Canadians put aside any emotiveness on the issue and commit some serious thought on what’s really at stake. Although less punitive than our existing criminal hate speech prohibitions, the forthcoming bill, like the since-repealed Section 13 of Canada’s human rights code, will […]

Firing over Mosque Tweet Merits Reflection on “Hate-Watch” Groups, Not Hate Speech

May 12 2020 — Robert Stewart — When the British government watched the French Revolution kick-off across the Channel in 1789, it deployed a battalion of undercover agents to investigate any anti-establishment stirrings building up within the country.  But as Adam Zamoyski writes in Phantom Terror — his 2018 book about the subject — unfortunately, too many of the informers were being paid according to […]

Is the immigration policy debate controlled in Canada?

Sep 26 2019 — Robert Stewart — The outrage among progressives earlier this month over a university professor’s op-ed on the costs of multiculturalism and mass immigration seems to show how out of step they might be with ordinary Canadian voters. Numerous surveys show most Canadians do share the professor’s concerns and fear that multiculturalism in Canada has gone well ahead of the assimilation process—see public […]