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Fighting the momentum of misery

Nov 26 2020 — Rob Rosenfeld — As we come to a close on 2020, and the inevitable flood of retrospectives ranging from the inane to the inspired, an expectedly overwrought and common element is going to be the conclusion of what many perceive to be a “cursed” year. This is understandable based on our collective need to see an end to […]

Sometimes it’s good to scream into the void

Oct 19 2020 — Rob Rosenfeld — “Doomscrolling”: obsessively scanning social media feeds for the most upsetting news* In the pre-Covid era, whenever that was now that time can no longer be adequately recognized in its passing, we saw a genuine attempt to counterbalance the preponderance of “doomscrolling” with a lot of material from organizations cheerfully reminding us that this is “best […]

Preparing for autumn and not a fall

Sep 30 2020 — Rob Rosenfeld — Summer has ended, or perhaps, never really began as the traditional break in the work/school year for so many of us. What would be normally be an opportunity to recharge the batteries, turn off the phone, send the kids off somewhere, or enjoy the gentle cascade of out of office emails became something else. It […]

Do not apologize for your grief

Sep 10 2020 — Rob Rosenfeld — “Doing as well as we can” has become a common refrain when catching up with family, friends, colleagues, or just about anyone you speak with these days. In some circumstances it is an accurate read on our situation, in others perhaps there is a twinge of anxiety wrapped around the last syllable that denotes some […]