National Newswatch

The Conservative Party will stand up for LGBTQ Canadians – now that it’s easy and convenient

Jan 30 2020 — Robyn Urback — In an inspiring display of convenience and belated integrity, Conservative politicians finally found their voices on LGBTQ issues this past week. Those voices were silent during the weeks and months Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer choked over the words “same sex-marriage” on the campaign trail, when he struggled to articulate even the most banal expressions […]

Why would Jason Kenney fire the man investigating his party? Because he can

Nov 22 2019 — Robyn Urback — A warm welcome back to the conservative government of Alberta’s past. It’s been four years and change. We’ve missed you. Hopefully, absence has made the heart grow fonder for the traditional comforts of a conservative dynasty in Alberta: Cozy sole-sourced contracts, politicians who preach austerity and spend lavishly on themselves, that general aura of shamelessness […]

Canada has lost its voice on human rights in China

Nov 19 2019 — Robyn Urback — It was just two years ago that the Trudeau government returned from Beijing empty-handed and rather sheepish. The trip, which came after a year of exploratory talks, had been widely expected to launch formal free-trade negotiations between Canada and China. Instead, the Prime Minister returned to Canada with the impotence of his “progressive trade agenda” […]