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The SNC-Lavalin affair offers the bingo of betrayed Liberal commitments

Feb 13 2019 — Robyn Urback — The destructive power of the SNC-Lavalin scandal — of which we appear to still be in the early stages — lies in its sheer comprehensiveness. It is not simply an indictment of the Liberals’ professed commitment to transparency. Or of the illusion of a shift away from Harper-era “self-serving” partisanship. Or of the Trudeau government’s […]

Doug Ford’s ‘efficiencies’ seem to be costing taxpayers an awful lot of money

Dec 11 2018 — Robyn Urback — Looking back now, Doug Ford’s campaign promise to conduct an independent audit of Ontario’s finances — essentially duplicating the work of the already independent provincial auditor general — was a harbinger of how this government would go about finding its “efficiencies.” The new PC government would hire former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell to lead its […]

Trump is not America’s moral steward. He’s simply its reflection

Oct 26 2018 — Robyn Urback — It’s a fallacy that the office holder of the president of the United States serves as a credible moral steward for the American people. The Oval Office has, after all, hosted slave owners and adulterers, accused sexual predators and liars, thugs and warmongers — men who would preach goodness and morality, yet live (and often […]

Why are so many former prohibitionist politicians entering the marijuana bu$ine$$?

Oct 22 2018 — Robyn Urback — We probably aren’t as charitable toward those who have evolved in their beliefs — or even done a complete about-face — as we ought to be. That’s likely because we tend to conflate genuine ideological evolution with opportunistic turnaround — with new positions adopted for money, power or influence. We often assume opportunism when politicians […]

Bill Clinton is massively overdue for a #MeToo reckoning

Oct 11 2018 — Robyn Urback — So many things would be different if the world were just and good: your high school bully would end up in jail, dogs would evolve to outlive humans, and one of America’s most famous sexual predators would be destitute and alone, eating chilli out of a can in sweat-stained pyjamas.