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Congratulations on Patrick Brown’s candidacy, Kathleen Wynne

Feb 22 2018 — Robyn Urback — Patrick Brown is doing this for you, Ontario. This is not about clearing his name — though he has said he’s on a mission to clear his name. This is not about exacting revenge on his enemies — but don’t forget that a small group of insiders is trying to derail him and his campaign. […]

There’s a pattern to credible #MeToo allegations. The one against Steve Paikin doesn’t fit

Feb 9 2018 — Robyn Urback — There is a pattern, of sorts, to almost every legitimate high-profile #MeToo allegation. A credible media outlet publishes a claim against a particular man, usually after months — sometimes years — of investigation. The accuser or accusers are typically named, but occasionally their identities are withheld for fear of public retaliation. In the days following […]

Trudeau’s town halls offer a master class in changing the narrative

Jan 12 2018 — Robyn Urback — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to kick off 2018 with a series of town hall discussions with everyday Canadians is a master class in manipulating the narrative. Honestly, well done. Politicians always earn extra cred by submitting themselves to the lion’s den, and the PMO’s decision to not screen the questions — as evidenced by […]

An inappropriate joke by an MP is not really a #MeToo moment

Dec 5 2017 — Robyn Urback — There have been many phenomenal successes as a result of the #MeToo movement, not the least of which has been watching once-untouchably powerful men brought down by revelations of their own misbehaviour. Women are no longer afraid to come forward, and everyone is thinking more carefully about how their behaviour affects others. There’s no question […]

Please, no questions for the finance minister

Oct 18 2017 — Robyn Urback — As you all know, the finance minister has found himself in a few little pickles lately, so Bill Morneau made himself available and accountable, as per the Trudeau government’s commitment to real change. Indeed, there he was: available to be stared at in a pizzeria in Stouffville, Ont., Monday (but please direct your questions to […]