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The first step for Ontario’s Health Minister is admitting the system is in crisis

Aug 11 2022 — Robyn Urback — The vacuously comforting, deceptive words Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones uttered in response to the crisis plaguing the province’s health care system should be blasted over loudspeakers across Ontario’s emergency rooms (the ones that are still open). “Let’s be clear: There is not a crumbling system in the province of Ontario.” Her voice will bellow […]

Justin Trudeau is spending two weeks in Costa Rica. So what?

Aug 3 2022 — Robyn Urback — Of all the things we begrudge politicians, taking personal vacation time with their families has to be the pettiest. No politician is really immune: George W. Bush was often criticized for his frequent trips away from the White House when he was U.S. president, including a five-week getaway to his Texas ranch in 2005. Ontario […]

Pierre Poilievre is right: Fire the gatekeepers, starting with the lifelong politicians

May 26 2022 — Robyn Urback — I’m with Conservative leadership hopeful Pierre Poilievre: fire the gatekeepers. Banish them from Canada. As Mr. Poilievre says, it’s time to make this country the “freest on earth,” and the only way to do that is through an incoherent collection of restrictions on certain individuals, groups or institutions, such as banning the Bank of Canada […]

If you don’t like Erin O’Toole’s position on something, just wait a few minutes

Sep 9 2021 — Robyn Urback — There was probably no way Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole could have defended his platform promise to repeal the Liberals’ 2020 ban on certain firearms without risking support from crucial suburban voters. Not with just two weeks left until election day, that is. The public’s literacy on gun regulations in this country is remarkably pitiful, influenced […]

Trudeau will fight discrimination against Muslims, only if they don’t live in Quebec

Jun 10 2021 — Robyn Urback — How does one reach the level of shamelessness to at once pledge that the government will do everything in its power to combat discrimination and Islamophobia in Canada, and then, moments later, shrug off questions about Ottawa’s indifference to a patently discriminatory provincial law that prohibits those who wear religious symbols from working certain jobs?

Canada boasts of strong borders while allowing flights from COVID-19 hotspots to land daily

Apr 22 2021 — Robyn Urback — On April 14, three flights from Delhi arrived in Canada carrying passengers infected with COVID-19. Though the number of infected passengers on each was not disclosed, Canadian authorities labelled multiple rows throughout the planes as “affected,” which would suggest that more than one passenger was carrying the virus. On April 15, two more flights from […]

Canada’s fiscal update fails to address the pandemic’s current epicentre: Long-term care homes

Nov 30 2020 — Robyn Urback — Crafting a detailed and meaningful fiscal update during the worst period thus far in Canada’s continuing battle against COVID-19 – a time in which we can only guess at when virus-control measures will lead to sustained economic recovery – seems a bit like an exercise in horoscope-writing. (That’s no offence to astrologists, who are free […]