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Trump is not America’s moral steward. He’s simply its reflection

Oct 26 2018 — Robyn Urback — It’s a fallacy that the office holder of the president of the United States serves as a credible moral steward for the American people. The Oval Office has, after all, hosted slave owners and adulterers, accused sexual predators and liars, thugs and warmongers — men who would preach goodness and morality, yet live (and often […]

Why are so many former prohibitionist politicians entering the marijuana bu$ine$$?

Oct 22 2018 — Robyn Urback — We probably aren’t as charitable toward those who have evolved in their beliefs — or even done a complete about-face — as we ought to be. That’s likely because we tend to conflate genuine ideological evolution with opportunistic turnaround — with new positions adopted for money, power or influence. We often assume opportunism when politicians […]

Bill Clinton is massively overdue for a #MeToo reckoning

Oct 11 2018 — Robyn Urback — So many things would be different if the world were just and good: your high school bully would end up in jail, dogs would evolve to outlive humans, and one of America’s most famous sexual predators would be destitute and alone, eating chilli out of a can in sweat-stained pyjamas.

Doug Ford — wasting taxpayer money to own the libs

Aug 2 2018 — Robyn Urback — Trigger warning: This is a CBC News column about using taxpayers’ money to fund partisan propaganda. I recognize that certain heads will explode over the supposed irony. So in the interest of getting past this, do allow me to pre-emptively relieve the burden of my friends in the comment section:

The Danforth gunman could have been both sick and evil

Jul 26 2018 — Robyn Urback — At the moment, there are no answers as to the precise motive behind the horrific shooting that left two dead and 13 injured on the Danforth in Toronto Sunday night. We have plenty of inferences and some clues. But in terms of clear, specific information that definitively explains why a man took a gun and […]

Hypocrisy is at the crux of the Trudeau groping allegation

Jul 8 2018 — Robyn Urback — This is about hypocrisy — not about what did or did not happen at a music festival 18 years ago. It is about “believing women,” until it happens to you; about taking all allegations of sexual misconduct seriously, except if they happen to pass some arbitrary expiration date. It is about employing an unwavering zero-tolerance […]

Trudeau has boxed himself in with his own zero-tolerance policy on sexual misconduct

Jun 27 2018 — Robyn Urback — If the climate in Canada were different, an 18-year-old allegation of sexual misconduct against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be swiftly addressed, then probably dismissed. The allegation originally appeared in an August 2000 edition of the Creston Valley Advance, a small community newspaper in B.C. The editorial, which resurfaced earlier this month, claimed that the […]

What’s the point in having MPs if all they can do is toe the party line?

Jun 15 2018 — Robyn Urback — Many more Canadians would surely tune in to question period each afternoon if we found a way to fill the benches with seals — actual seals — who would clap and honk at each leader’s statements. Mr. Speaker, because of another failure of the prime minister, Canadians involuntarily became shareholders in the Trans Mountain pipeline. […]