National Newswatch

Justin Trudeau has become a liability to the Liberal Party

Jul 31 2020 — Roy Green — Yet again, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has found his ethical standards subjected to public scrutiny. Thursday, while testifying before the parliamentary finance committee, Trudeau proclaimed his innocence of any malfeasance in the awarding to WE Charity the management of a budgeted $912 million for the Canada Student Service Grant, with $543.5 million set by the […]

The Conservative Party of Canada and self-inflicted stumbling

Nov 29 2019 — Roy Green — You might think the Conservative Party of Canada would have learned by simple observation to not set its political house ablaze. Yet today the CPC is attempting to appear headed for the same objective and with some level of cohesion. To the party hierarchy as currently constituted, knock it off. You’re fooling no one and […]

Andrew Scheer settled for silver

Nov 2 2019 — Roy Green — If I heard it once, I heard it a hundred times. “Andrew Scheer appears to be a really nice guy, but …” — “but I don’t know anything about him” or “but he’s not tough enough” or “but I don’t think he can win.” These and similar assessments of the Conservative Party of Canada leader […]