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Will Justin Trudeau’s new government get serious on Canada’s widening wealth inequality?

Oct 3 2021 — Robin V. Sears — When even thoughtful American conservative commentators like George Will muse about the need for a new response from his tribe to the risks to democracy of widening wealth inequality; when the wealth of billionaires has increased obscenely from the profits generated by homebound customers in a pandemic; and when even Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole demands […]

British Columbia May Hold the Balance of Power

Sep 15 2021 — Robin V. Sears — For two decades, it has been a cliché that the voters of suburban Toronto have a unique hold on who will form government for the rest of Canadians. It’s true that the GTA voters have been fickle, flipping between Liberals and Tories several times. But Quebec has been more punishing to each of the major […]

How should party leaders manage loony and craven candidates?

Sep 5 2021 — Robin V. Sears — Bozo candidate season has started now that nominations are closed. This year we have the craven as well as the loony. One repeat offender, Conservative candidate Cheryl Gallant, is back. This year she launched a hilariously wacko set of YouTube videos insinuating that the Liberals plan a “climate lockdown.” (What does that even mean? Perhaps […]

Afghanistan has been injected into another Canadian election — and will likely play a significant role in the outcome

Aug 22 2021 — Robin V. Sears — On Dec. 13, 1979, after little more than a year as an MP, Bob Rae put forward a confidence motion that helped defeat Joe Clark’s Progressive Conservative government. On Christmas Eve, in the opening weeks of the 1980 election, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Midcampaign, on Oct. 12, 2008, CBC journalist Mellissa Fung was kidnapped […]

The Wrenching Question in Hong Kong: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Aug 6 2021 — Robin V. Sears — As in Berlin in 1936, Shanghai in 1949 and other datelines suddenly facing subjugation by brutal regimes, the existential question for the politically vulnerable in today’s transformed Hong Kong is: “Should I stay or should I go?” A related question for those who hold positions of influence in Asia’s most cosmopolitan city is: “Should I […]

Truth Must Come Before Reconciliation

Jul 15 2021 — Robin V. Sears — “I want to know who killed my grandmother’s children! I want to know who led the schools where these atrocities took place.” These are among the so-far unanswered questions posed by second and third generation survivors of Canada’s brutal, racist residential school system. As the number of the victims’ unmarked graves now numbers in the […]

Canadian Muslims’ anguished demand: how many more times?

Jun 13 2021 — Robin V. Sears — Sun., June 13, 2021timer3 min. read What a difference a year makes. It seems unlikely that the massive nationwide reaction to the murder of a Muslim family in London, Ont. a week ago tonight would have been as deep and all-embracing before the death of George Floyd. His death, and the global revulsion to it, […]