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Ottawa is backsliding on refugees. We cannot return to the contemptible policies of our past

Mar 13 2022 — Robin V. Sears — Canada’s nakedly racist immigration policies are not ancient history. It was only in the 1970s that they were finally wound down as policy, though the colour blindness of some immigration officials was never believable. The department is currently under investigation for allegations of years of systemic racism. Canada had a racist screening system that was […]

Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine: No Deal with the Devil

Mar 11 2022 — Robin V. Sears — Many of the world’s foreign affairs pundit class – and some in the Canadian contingent – seem trapped in a time warp. Before Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, they tut-tutted about how the West and NATO should not have provoked Putin into threatening his invasion, by welcoming new members 25 years ago. Within days of […]

The situation in Ottawa shows our police governance is broken

Feb 20 2022 — Robin V. Sears — Sandy Smallwood resigned in disgust just hours before Mayor Jim Watson’s coup seizing control of the Ottawa Police Services Board, stuffing it with his tame councillors. One of Canada’s most respected police oversight veterans and vice chair of the board, Smallwood said, “The police governance model is set up for failure. And I think what […]

Erin O’Toole’s leadership may have become unsalvageable

Jan 30 2022 — Robin V. Sears — Erin O’Toole became Conservative party leader on Aug. 24, 2020. It is beginning to look like he will not make his two-year anniversary. The divisions that emerged this past week, between him and his chief caucus rival Pierre Poilievre over the truckers’ pointless convoy to Ottawa, may now have become unbridgeable. The convoy cost and […]

Canada is still admitting Afghan refugees at a glacial pace. Justin Trudeau must set a fire underneath our immigration officials

Jan 23 2022 — Robin V. Sears — I suspect being a senior immigration official is only marginally less boring than being a night watchman, and that might sour their view of the world. Nonetheless, on three continents over several decades it has been my experience that those who control the visa stamps are all conditioned to find a way to say “No,” […]

What is to be done about our vaccine delinquents?

Jan 16 2022 — Robin V. Sears — Let’s acknowledge the legitimate anger of millions of Canadians at the irresponsibility of those who refuse to get vaccinated — the threat to everyone’s safety lies at their feet. That the small percentage of Canadians who refuse to behave like responsible adults are now hogging a hugely disproportionate share of COVID ICU beds is simply […]

Time to end the daily doomwatch — our will to fight through another pandemic winter depends on morale

Jan 10 2022 — Robin V. Sears — One could almost hear a collective groan roll across the province, as the latest lockdown procedures were announced. After a gloomy Omicron Christmas, this felt like one body blow too many for parents, restaurateurs and health-care workers. It was made worse by the latest round of sombre predictions of worse to come, exploding case counts […]

The Accelerated Evolution of Climate Change Politics

Dec 29 2021 — Robin V. Sears — It was the fury of a young teenager that began the shift in the debate on the climate crisis, helping to move it from a fear of a future disaster to a present nightmare. Greta Thunberg was mocked and dismissed by climate deniers as recently as three years ago. Her demand that the crisis be […]

Can Ottawa take yes for an answer on health care? Stay tuned

Dec 5 2021 — Robin V. Sears — In the spring of 1940, facing rapidly darkening clouds of war, Winston Churchill reached out quietly to Clement Attlee, a lifelong opponent, to join a new unity government along with some of his senior colleagues. Attlee’s agreement helped Britain win the war. Four decades later, Pierre Trudeau, facing a deepening recession, skyrocketing energy prices and […]