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Doug Ford is for some of the people

Feb 7 2021 — Ruby Latif — After months of missteps, it is evident that Doug Ford and his government are not for “all” the people. I have spent over 15 years working in all levels of government and on many political campaigns in senior leadership positions. My interest in politics and public policy has always been within grassroots and community engagement. […]

Our priorities must be with our most vulnerable

Dec 20 2020 — Ruby Latif — The pandemic continues to create significant challenges such as job losses and food insecurity, and it is impacting the mental health of Canadians. The not-for-profit sector has been doing their best to protect those most vulnerable during this crisis, and to meet their individual needs.

Stop stigmatizing racialized communities during the pandemic

Dec 13 2020 — Ruby Latif — Pandemics create fear — this is not new. The coronavirus disease has highlighted how fear and anxieties have driven racism and xenophobia as countries have dealt with outbreaks. The instinct to blame the unknown or the “outsider” is a pervasive outcome of outbreaks. Unfortunately, the blaming of immigrant communities for the rise in infections is […]