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Canada’s Debt: $1 trillion is no cause for panic

Jul 9 2020 — Ryan Campbell — The fiscal response to the pandemic is massive but we should remain calm. The federal debt burden is manageable and we have more important things to worry about. The federal government released its Economic and Fiscal Snapshot on July 8. It outlines the price tag up to now and describes how costs will evolve over […]

Canada’s economic recovery: don’t play Monopoly, play Pandemic instead

May 6 2020 — Ryan Campbell — In November 2019, before the terrifying realities of COVID-19 were known, Oxford economist Kate Raworth gave an interview where she explained her model of sustainable and equitable development called “doughnut economics.”  Over the course of the interview the conversation briefly shifted to board games to accentuate a point. She remarked “don’t play Monopoly, play Pandemic.” […]

How should we react to a $185 billion deficit?

Apr 10 2020 — Ryan Campbell — Pandemics are real. People are real. Jobs are real. Federal deficits are just a construct. Sometimes we forget. Hopefully this time we remember. We are in the midst of a terrifying and historically significant crisis. To meet the challenge, Canadians have clearly voiced they want the government to use all resources at its disposal to […]