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The conservative case for a four-day workweek

Jul 9 2021 — Sabrina Maddeaux — Calling all politicians who need a quick boost in the polls: have you considered giving Canadians a four-day workweek? Erin O’Toole, I’m looking at you. No, I haven’t confused you with NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. No, I’m not high on hallucinogens. I’m entirely serious when I suggest a shortened workweek as a Hail Mary addition […]

The Trudeau Liberals shrugging at WE ethics report proves the rot runs deep

Jun 10 2021 — Sabrina Maddeaux — Breaking with the hallowed tradition of government committees that putter along for years without producing any meaningful output, on Thursday the House ethics committee released a timely, pointed, and actually useful report. Within its scathing 116 pages lies a list of 20 recommendations to reform Canada’s lobbying and conflict of interest laws, supported by all […]