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ArriveCAN’s a menace. It needs to be shelved

Aug 11 2022 — Sabrina Maddeaux — The ArriveCAN app has gone from bad to worse. It was once merely annoying and cumbersome, like having to babysit a too-drunk friend. It’s now a constitutional threat, more like your sloshed buddy, having declared himself Batman, commandeering a police van and “apprehending” passersby.

Pierre Poilievre is eating Jagmeet Singh’s lunch

Aug 3 2022 — Sabrina Maddeaux — The slow bleed of younger millennials and older Gen Zers to the Conservative party has turned into a torrent that could realign Canadian politics in unexpected ways. Abacus Data’s latest survey of how Canadians would vote if a federal election were held tomorrow finds 37 per cent of 18-29 year olds in favour of the […]

What else is Hockey Canada hiding from us?

Jul 27 2022 — Sabrina Maddeaux — Two months. That’s how long it’s been since TSN’s Rick Westhead first reported on Hockey Canada’s failure to properly investigate an alleged group sexual assault by members of its 2018 World Junior team. We’ve endured eight weeks of snowballing revelations, each as disturbing as the last, including another alleged gang rape and player registration fees […]

Jonathan Vance goes free. Canadians should be disgusted

Mar 30 2022 — Sabrina Maddeaux — Canada’s justice system doesn’t work for women, but it certainly works for the elite and the powerful. The ongoing saga of retired general and ex-defence chief Jonathan Vance is a prime example of how our courts fail the vulnerable while tipping the scales of justice in favour of the wealthy, the decorated and the male.

Facebook, Twitter are silencing China critics and it is corrosive to our democracy

Oct 29 2021 — Sabrina Maddeaux — Just as Canadians belatedly wake up to the massive threat corrupt Chinese money and influence poses to our financial system, real estate sector, and democracy, social media giants are silencing the discourse. Over the past month, several prominent Canadian publishers, experts, and independent media have been arbitrarily suspended or banned by Twitter and Facebook following […]

The conservative case for a four-day workweek

Jul 9 2021 — Sabrina Maddeaux — Calling all politicians who need a quick boost in the polls: have you considered giving Canadians a four-day workweek? Erin O’Toole, I’m looking at you. No, I haven’t confused you with NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. No, I’m not high on hallucinogens. I’m entirely serious when I suggest a shortened workweek as a Hail Mary addition […]

The Trudeau Liberals shrugging at WE ethics report proves the rot runs deep

Jun 10 2021 — Sabrina Maddeaux — Breaking with the hallowed tradition of government committees that putter along for years without producing any meaningful output, on Thursday the House ethics committee released a timely, pointed, and actually useful report. Within its scathing 116 pages lies a list of 20 recommendations to reform Canada’s lobbying and conflict of interest laws, supported by all […]