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Brown alleges political corruption over Conservative leadership disqualification

Jul 6 2022 — Sarah Turnbull — Newly disqualified Conservative Party leadership candidate Patrick Brown is alleging political corruption for his ousting from the race over allegations his campaign broke election financing rules. In an exclusive, sit-down interview on CTV News Channel Wednesday, Brown told Power Play host Evan Solomon he believes Pierre Poilievre supporters on the leadership election committee are behind […]

Border restrictions to enter Canada extended until at least Sept. 30

Jun 29 2022 — Sarah Turnbull — The federal government announced Wednesday all existing border restrictions to enter Canada will remain in place until at least Sept. 30. That means foreign travellers will still need to provide proof of being fully vaccinated to enter the country and unvaccinated Canadians or permanent residents will need to provide a molecular COVID-19 test taken prior […]

Poilievre accusations an attempt to distract from crypto plunge: Brown

Jun 19 2022 — Sarah Turnbull — Conservative Party leadership contender Patrick Brown says accusations by Pierre Poilievre that his campaign reimbursed membership fees are an attempt to distract from his rival’s economic policy pledges. Brown said Poilievre is hiding behind the attacks as the world’s cryptocurrency market tanks. “This is Pierre Poilievre trying to change the channel. This week, there was […]

Ottawa lifts COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal, transport workers

Jun 14 2022 — Sarah Turnbull — The federal government is lifting the COVID-19 vaccine requirements for federal public servants and transportation workers, on the same day it released details about dropping the mandate for domestic and outgoing travel. Treasury Board President Mona Fortier announced the change would come into effect on June 20. Fortier added that employees currently on administrative leave […]

Charest accuses Poilievre campaign of inflating membership numbers

Jun 12 2022 — Sarah Turnbull — Conservative Party of Canada leadership contender Jean Charest is accusing rival Pierre Poilievre of exaggerating his membership count, calling the claim “Pierreinflation.” The former Quebec premier says the Poilievre campaign’s assertion that they’ve signed up 311,958 Canadians thus far to support their team is “all spin.” “At the rate it’s going, we call it ‘Pierreinflation’ […]

Tourism minister says travel delays could be resolved in a ‘matter of weeks’

Jun 11 2022 — Sarah Turnbull — Canada’s Tourism Minister Randy Boissonnault says the federal government is focused on resolving the long delays travellers are experiencing at major airports in a “matter of weeks.” Speaking to CTV’s Question Period, Boissonnault said he’s not pleased with the reports of Canadians waiting hours to get through regular travel checkpoints, specifically at Toronto Pearson International […]

Conservatives, NDP demand Liberals take action on rising cost of living

Jun 7 2022 — Sarah Turnbull — The Conservatives and the New Democrats are demanding that the federal government introduce new measures to address the rising cost of living for Canadians, with different suggestions to tackle the inflation crisis. The Conservatives have put forward an opposition day motion asking that the government temporarily suspend the Goods and Services tax collected on gasoline […]

‘All options on the table,’ Mendicino says on whether Ottawa would enact handgun ban

Jun 5 2022 — Sarah Turnbull — Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino isn’t ruling out the possibility of a national ban on handguns in Canada, saying the federal government is leaving “all options on the table.” In an interview on CTV’s Question Period, Mendicino said Ottawa’s newly introduced gun-control bill is a “step in the right direction” to mitigate gun violence across […]

From Poilievre’s banking pledges to absent climate talk, former PM Campbell questions direction of Conservative Party

May 14 2022 — Sarah Turnbull — Amid discussions about the battle for the soul of the Conservative Party, former Prime Minister Kim Campbell says without leadership on policies such as climate change, the party’s identity will remain in question. “I’m sorry, if you’re not worried about climate change, and you’re not worried about resurgent authoritarianism, and you’re not a champion of […]

Former Bank of Canada governor slams Poilievre’s assertion central bank is ‘financially illiterate’

May 8 2022 — Sarah Turnbull — Former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge is strongly disputing Conservative Party MP and leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre’s claim the central bank is “financially illiterate.” In an interview on CTV’s Question Period airing Sunday, Dodge, who was governor from 2001 to 2008, called the assertion “bull****.” “I’m very insulted by that…They understand what’s going on,” […]

Too loud in House to tell if PM swore, speaker says after review

May 5 2022 — Sarah Turnbull — After reviewing an accusation by the Conservative Party that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dropped an “F-bomb” in the House of Commons on Wednesday, the House speaker said no consequences will ensue. House Deputy Speaker Chris D’Entremont said he consulted Wednesday’s video feed and couldn’t make out what the prime minister said, but warned unparliamentary language […]

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