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Last thing anyone wants is chaos at Canada’s largest airport

Jun 13 2022 — Sheila Copps — To mask or not to mask. That is the question. As the provinces move to end requirements for wearing masks in public places, the federal government continues to insist that COVID rules will not be loosened. As passengers return to air travel, they are continuing to experience massive delays, the blame for which is falling […]

‘Freedom Convoy’: at the end of the day, everyone loses

Feb 21 2022 — Sheila Copps — At the end of the day, from city hall to Parliament Hill, there is no winner coming out of this so-called “Freedom Convoy.” The truckers will claim victory, because several premiers announced a relaxation of their vaccine requirements at the height of the tension. But when the dust settles, the story of Canada’s trucker siege […]

Convention designed to rev Grits up for 2019, election win or bust

Apr 20 2018 — Sheila Copps — Thousands of Liberals from across the country will descend on Halifax this weekend to plan their path to a potential electoral victory. It will be the final national meeting in advance of the next election and, in keeping with conventions of a party in government, will likely be non-controversial and inclusive. Most raucous conventions, where […]

Electoral reform will not happen in this Parliament

Dec 12 2016 — Sheila Copps — I took the voting test and discovered what I already knew. According to the online government survey, managed by Vox Pop, I am a pragmatist. The pragmatist in me says electoral reform is dead. Its public interment by the minister responsible for democratic reform was not a pretty sight. Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef […]

Ray Novak may soon go the way of Nigel Wright

Aug 24 2015 — Sheila Copps — Will Ray Novak really end up as the last man standing? Notwithstanding Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s protestations to the contrary, it seems inevitable that Novak will eventually follow in the footsteps of Nigel Wright. In fact, when asked specifically whether he had confidence in his current chief of staff, Harper left himself a bolt-hole large […]

Conservatives to use every tool to pave way for more negative advertising

Oct 13 2014 — Sheila Copps — Canadians like to take pride in the transparency of our political processes and the right of citizens to free speech. But those freedoms are being compromised as we speak. Our government regularly threatens domestic not-for-profit organizations with loss of tax status under the guise of independent audits. The audit teams created to go after left-leaning […]