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Canadian MPs and their extravagant gifts. Is this bribery?

Jan 25 2019 — Scott Gilmore — John McCallum got $73,000 in gifts from China as an MP. Ottawa says it’s ‘sponsored travel’. Diplomats would call it ‘being compromised’. Canada is cursed by blessings. We have it so good in this country, we easily overlook the few bad things, even when they are utterly appalling. For example, according to the U.S. News […]

Trump gives a press conference, and the world laughs (with him?)

Sep 26 2018 — Scott Gilmore — Watching the world’s diplomats laugh at Donald Trump yesterday, as he spoke at the United Nations General Assembly, reminded me of a quote from George R. R. Martin’s in his book A Clash of Kings: “Power resides where men believe it resides. No more and no less.” Of course, in the fantasy world of the […]

Mad Max might just pull this thing off

Aug 23 2018 — Scott Gilmore — I did not see that coming. To be fair, I’ve spent most of the last year looking south, watching American politics with the same ghoulish interest I watch Formula One racing. So, I admit that I am not completely up to date with the current state of the Conservative Party of Canada. That being said, […]

Don’t take Maxime Bernier’s bait

Aug 14 2018 — Scott Gilmore — Conservative provocateur Maxime Bernier lit up the lines today after he decried our “cult of multiculturalism.” He tweeted about his opposition to “Trudeau’s extreme multiculturalism and cult of diversity” which he fears will “divide us into little tribes.” As a Canadian columnist, this is the part where I take sides and either double-down by arguing […]

How Canadians can boycott Donald Trump

Jun 11 2018 — Scott Gilmore — Here’s a list of companies owned by Trump and his family, as well as companies that sell Trump goods. Let’s hit him where it hurts, shall we? You all have your reasons. Some are furious about domestic policies that lock child asylum seekers in cages. For others, it’s a foreign policy that supports Russia and […]

Trade sanctions against America won’t work. Sanctioning Trump himself might.

Jun 1 2018 — Scott Gilmore — French President Emmanuel Macron, who entertained President Trump with pomp, circumstance, and backslaps could not prevent him from abandoning the Paris Agreement. Germany’s persuasive Chancellor Angela Merkel could not stop him from undermining NATO. And our own government’s exhaustive diplomatic campaign has failed to protect us from the punishing steel tariffs announced today in Washington.

Why Canadian politicians can’t stop saying ‘sorry’

May 3 2018 — Scott Gilmore — Canadian parliamentarians are so chronically petty and partisan they typically cannot agree on the colour of the sky. Yet, all but 10 were able to agree on one seemingly important issue yesterday. They voted in favor of an apology for the now infamous residential school system. Our political leaders have already made two previous apologies […]

The Conservatives don’t show up for Pride, and that’s a problem

Jul 10 2017 — Scott Gilmore — The Conservative Party of Canada has a gay problem. If I’d written that sentence even 20 years ago, readers would assume backbenchers had been caught scrumming in a men’s bathhouse. But times have changed, thankfully. In 1996, we amended the Human Rights Act to include sexual orientation. Seven years later, we began to legalize same-sex […]

Confessions of a self-loathing Tory

Mar 29 2017 — Scott Gilmore — Scott Gilmore: I hate my party. It’s time to build a new one that genuinely believes in liberty, equality and facts over ideology. This happens regularly: I pick up my phone and hear “Mr. Gilmore, thank you for your previous donations to the Conservative Party of Canada…” Before they can continue, I respond: “You picked […]

What if Trudeau became ‘The Trump Whisperer’?

Feb 2 2017 — Scott Gilmore — It is well known that the Chinese word for “crisis” is composed of two characters, one that means “danger”, the other “opportunity”. Unfortunately, this is a myth—the characters in question don’t mean that at all. And that is too bad because there is truth in the notion. Emergencies can create disorder, which provides an opportunity […]

We can bring in 200,000 refugees in the next year. Here’s how.

Sep 10 2015 — Scott Gilmore — “Our country has the most generous immigration and refugee system in the world. We admit, per capita, more people than any other.” Any time Prime Minister Stephen Harper or his ministers are asked about the refugee crisis, they repeat this claim. But, no matter how you twist, spin or stretch those sentences, they remain false. […]