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‘There’s a lot to rebuild’: Justin Trudeau’s first words to Joe Biden were four years in the making

Feb 24 2021 — Susan Delacourt — It took Justin Trudeau about one minute to tell Joe Biden at their first summit meeting that the new president was a big improvement over Donald Trump. “There’s a lot to rebuild,” Trudeau said, thanking Biden for stepping up on climate change. “U.S. leadership has been sorely missed over the past years.” Moreover, Trudeau said, […]

‘The nudge unit’: Ottawa’s behavioural-science team investigates how Canadians feel about vaccines, public health and who to trust

Feb 21 2021 — Susan Delacourt — Vaccines are one miracle of science in this pandemic. But another scientific experiment has also produced surprisingly speedy and widespread results over the past year. It happened in the realm of behaviour science — and ordinary citizens were the laboratory subjects. One year ago, few people would have believed that science would come up with […]

‘I’m in charge of this file’: When it comes to tracking down COVID-19 vaccines, Anita Anand will not be underestimated

Feb 10 2021 — Susan Delacourt — Anita Anand, the minister who holds a lot of Canada’s vaccine future in her hands, would prefer not to be undersold — or underestimated. In the rising clamour over the off-and-on COVID-19 vaccine supply over the past few weeks, one question in particular got under Anand’s skin — and it revolved around whether she, as […]

Justin Trudeau talks about the challenge of Trump, his relationship with Biden and the Canadian idea the new president might steal

Jan 31 2021 — Susan Delacourt — After four years of dealing with Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau says that talking to President Joe Biden in the White House feels like “a dam breaking.” In a wide-ranging interview with the Star this week, Trudeau talked at length about how Canada-U.S. relations will be shifting in important ways with Biden now at the helm. […]

‘I’m an introvert’ and Doug Ford ‘wears his heart on his sleeve’: What Justin Trudeau has learned during the pandemic

Jan 30 2021 — Susan Delacourt — Justin Trudeau says he came out of the bruising 2019 election wondering what his government could do to be more connected to Canadians. The answer arrived in an unwelcome form a few months later — a global pandemic. “You know, we are suddenly in a position where the federal government has really, really mattered in […]

Julie Payette was never a good choice for governor general, and Justin Trudeau should have known it

Jan 21 2021 — Susan Delacourt — For the third time in her life, Julie Payette has been brought spectacularly down to earth. Payette’s descent from the post of governor-general, she will no doubt agree, was bumpier and longer-lasting than any experienced in the former astronaut’s two space missions. Her lengthy resignation statement did not exactly confirm the reports that led to […]

Canada says a heartfelt farewell to ‘the idiot next door’

Jan 20 2021 — Susan Delacourt — Dan Levy, the Canadian creator of the hit sitcom “Schitt’s Creek,” put his finger on it when he watched the presidential inauguration ceremony in the U.S. on Wednesday. “The decency of it all,” Levy marvelled on Twitter, which itself is a much more decent place now that Donald Trump has been banished from the platform. […]