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Mary Simon is the governor general Justin Trudeau should have appointed last time

Jul 6 2021 — Susan Delacourt — Mary Simon is now officially the governor-general-in-waiting for Canada, until a swearing-in ceremony expected to take place soon. Unofficially, this accomplished Inuk leader and former diplomat has held that title for 11 years. Sometimes a government appointment makes so much sense, one wonders why it hasn’t happened already? In Simon’s case, it actually almost did […]

Doug Ford has joined the attack on the Constitution. Why won’t Justin Trudeau fight back?

Jun 15 2021 — Susan Delacourt — When exactly did Canada become a Constitution-bashing country? For nearly 30 years, the political class has adhered to an unwritten ban on talking about the Constitution. But that passive aggression seems to have given way recently to outright kicks at the constitutional can. Three provinces — Ontario, Quebec and Alberta — have taken some runs […]

The inside story of how the Liberals lured a Green MP and raised Justin Trudeau’s election hopes

Jun 13 2021 — Susan Delacourt — The Lincoln Big Stop restaurant, just outside New Brunswick’s capital city of Fredericton, is not the type of place anyone would ordinarily associate with political intrigue. But last Saturday, sharp-eyed breakfast patrons might have been treated to a sneak preview of some major political drama unfolding on the national scene. At a table in the […]

It took children buried in unmarked graves to bring home the horror of residential schools to non-Indigenous Canadians

May 31 2021 — Susan Delacourt — Canada held a memorial day on Monday, not in solidarity with Americans, but with 215 children who died without a memorial. Three days after the horrifying discovery of children’s remains outside a former residential school in Kamloops, B.C., the country feels on the verge of an important moment — one that could punch through complacency […]