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Are you a good Canadian? Justin Trudeau offers the coronavirus as a lesson in responsible citizenship

Mar 12 2020 — Susan Delacourt — Ask not what the federal government is doing for you about the COVID-19 pandemic, but ask instead what you are doing to keep Canadians healthy. Justin Trudeau didn’t exactly borrow from John F. Kennedy’s immortal lines about civic responsibility at his news conference on Wednesday, but the prime minister also, very deliberately, cast the virus […]

Conservative leadership contenders want a fall election. Is that really what Canadians want?

Mar 8 2020 — Susan Delacourt — A small, “not-again” shudder rippled through the federal political class over the past week when three Conservative leadership candidates said they were willing to tip the country into another election this fall. Peter MacKay, seen as a front-runner, tossed it out in a fundraising letter: “Canadians have lost faith in this government. Protests, shutdowns, economic […]

Justin Trudeau, marooned in a political no man’s land

Feb 26 2020 — Susan Delacourt — Hope and fear are the most powerful emotions in politics. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau hasn’t found himself in a position to dispense much of either through the past few crisis-laden weeks in Canada. If Canadians are feeling any slivers of hope right now about the state of federal politics, it’s mostly hope of the negative sort […]