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Why is Justin Trudeau in a rut? Maybe it’s all the slogans

Jan 22 2022 — Susan Delacourt — The more that politicians reach into their bags of communications tricks to “reinforce the message,” as they say, the less they seem like real people. Justin Trudeau made it through an entire news conference on Friday without saying his government had Canadians’ backs. This is progress. In an analysis of his latest numbers this week, […]

Goodbye, BlackBerry. You were the coolest toy on Parliament Hill

Jan 4 2022 — Susan Delacourt — POLITICS OPINION Goodbye, BlackBerry. You were the coolest toy on Parliament Hill Many people may have forgotten how life-changing it was to type emails on a mobile device for the first time, Susan Delacourt writes. Susan Delacourt By Susan DelacourtNational Columnist Tue., Jan. 4, 2022timer3 min. read JOIN THE CONVERSATION It was only a few […]

Targeted COVID-19 benefits? Justin Trudeau’s plans are so last week as Omicron suddenly targets all of us

Dec 21 2021 — Susan Delacourt — It seems like only yesterday when inflation was the next big thing in Canadian politics. Actually, it was just last week. Omicron hasn’t just turned the holidays upside down. The arrival of this fast-moving COVID-19 variant means that Canada’s political conversation will almost certainly not pick up where it left off only a week ago, […]

In his own words: At 50, Justin Trudeau is no longer working in his father’s shadow — and sees no ‘finish line’ in politics

Dec 18 2021 — Susan Delacourt — Justin Trudeau isn’t all that fussed about turning 50 on Christmas Day this year. He shrugs, calling it an “arbitrary milestone.” “It’s not a big deal,” Trudeau says, and though we have just finished a long walk in the snow around the grounds of Rideau Hall, it wasn’t that kind of walk — the stroll […]