National Newswatch

Character assault. Contempt. This week showed us the ugly, sneering face of Canadian politics

Feb 3 2023 — Susan Delacourt — Two prominent, respectable people landed in the crosshairs of this often toxic Parliament on Wednesday, and they didn’t stand a chance, Susan Delacourt writes. Contempt of Parliament is a serious thing. Contempt by Parliament is what emerged this week as federal politicians decided that thorny controversies over Islamophobia and government contracting were best tackled by […]

Justin Trudeau calls Doug Ford’s for-profit health plans ‘innovation’

Jan 19 2023 — Susan Delacourt — Justin Trudeau has decided — at least for now — to see Ontario’s moves toward for-profit medical care as “innovation” by Doug Ford’s government to resolve the health-care crisis gripping the country. Trudeau has been conspicuously quiet about the Ford government’s announcement to allow more medical procedures to be done by for-profit health-care providers. Too […]

Doug Ford didn’t want to talk about a national crisis during the ‘Freedom Convoy.’ What’s the difference with health care?

Dec 12 2022 — Susan Delacourt — Doug Ford has clearly had a change of heart in 2022 about the value of federal-provincial meetings. Last February, the Ontario premier expressed the view that the so-called “Freedom Convoy” protest paralyzing Canada’s capital and major border points would not be resolved by “a bunch of people sitting around a table talking.”

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