National Newswatch

‘Freedom’ has been a weaponized word. The Emergencies Act report finally tells us what it means

Feb 17 2023 — Susan Delacourt — “Freedom” became a highly charged political word in Canada one year ago, shouted from trucks blockading border points, bouncing off the walls of buildings in an occupied capital city. In his official commission report on that so-called “Freedom Convoy” protest last February, Justice Paul Rouleau has done something politically significant — he has said what […]

Character assault. Contempt. This week showed us the ugly, sneering face of Canadian politics

Feb 3 2023 — Susan Delacourt — Two prominent, respectable people landed in the crosshairs of this often toxic Parliament on Wednesday, and they didn’t stand a chance, Susan Delacourt writes. Contempt of Parliament is a serious thing. Contempt by Parliament is what emerged this week as federal politicians decided that thorny controversies over Islamophobia and government contracting were best tackled by […]

Justin Trudeau calls Doug Ford’s for-profit health plans ‘innovation’

Jan 19 2023 — Susan Delacourt — Justin Trudeau has decided — at least for now — to see Ontario’s moves toward for-profit medical care as “innovation” by Doug Ford’s government to resolve the health-care crisis gripping the country. Trudeau has been conspicuously quiet about the Ford government’s announcement to allow more medical procedures to be done by for-profit health-care providers. Too […]

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