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Crisis in Canada’s military could make recruitment even harder

May 29 2021 — Shachi Kurl — If it’s a crisis within Canada’s military you’re looking for, take your pick from an abundant smorgasbord. Removal of top general placed in charge of this country’s vaccine rollout? Check. First-in-decades laying of a mutiny charge against a service member for allegedly encouraging other soldiers not to distribute doses of vaccine? That too. There is […]

First shots and second opinions in the third wave

May 5 2021 — Shachi Kurl — NACI SAID WHAT, NOW? Earlier this week, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) declared Canada’s supply of Johnson & Johnson vaccine was okay for those over 30, “if the individual prefers an earlier vaccine rather than waiting for an mRNA vaccine and if the benefits outweigh the risks.” NACI vice-chair Shelley Deeks went on […]

Confusion? Some – but COVID expertise is evolving

Mar 7 2021 — Shachi Kurl — Oh dear, what can the matter be? This latest episode of COVID-19 upset is brought to you by a couple of chief medical officers on opposite ends of the country, and an organization you’ve probably never heard of unless it was your business to hear about it. To the west, British Columbia’s Dr. Bonnie Henry […]

Troubled Trudeau turns to the power of the pivot

Aug 12 2020 — Shachi Kurl — If the WE Charity scandal demonstrates — yet again — the ways in which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is utterly incapable of avoiding political landmines related to ethics and conflicts of interest, it has also shown that he is more adroit at another manoeuvre: the pivot.

As they work on coronavirus strategy, the Liberals struggle with their own poor political health

Mar 6 2020 — Shachi Kurl — Across the country, Canadians are wondering aloud about their risk and exposure to COVID-19. But perhaps there is no entity more susceptible, at least politically, to the novel coronavirus than the Trudeau government. The prime minister’s own approval numbers have plummeted 10 points over the last month, the same timeframe in which it has both […]

Canada’s Conservatives need to think hard about their future

Nov 8 2019 — Shachi Kurl — That Conservative MPs did not move immediately to oust leader Andrew Scheer this week should not be mistaken for a signal that his caucus or the party intends to keep him around long-term. After all, Conservatives defer to their membership arguably more than any other major federal party. Pre-empting the grassroots is therefore unthinkable. That […]

Trudeau’s crown slips, and he may need a pipeline to save it

Dec 22 2018 — Shachi Kurl — Remember the days when political watchers wondered when Justin Trudeau’s honeymoon with the Canadian electorate would end? These days, a better question is whether the prime minister and voters are on the brink of a trial separation. Angus Reid Institute polling released this week doesn’t suggest any imminent thawing of affections. Trudeau’s approval has sunk […]

Canadians’ opinions mixed on supply management

Aug 15 2017 — Shachi Kurl — “We do not have to worry about Canada, we do not even think of them.” So said Donald J. Trump to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto during a phone call on January 27 of this year, according to transcripts obtained by the Washington Post. And while this writer cannot begin to fathom what’s going on […]