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Canadians’ opinions mixed on supply management

Aug 15 2017 — Shachi Kurl — “We do not have to worry about Canada, we do not even think of them.” So said Donald J. Trump to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto during a phone call on January 27 of this year, according to transcripts obtained by the Washington Post. And while this writer cannot begin to fathom what’s going on […]

In the popular-premier sweepstakes, Brad Wall leaves a winner

Aug 11 2017 — Shachi Kurl — Bye bye, Brad. The people of Saskatchewan will miss you, but maybe not as much as they might have before. With Thursday’s announcement that he’s retiring from politics, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall ends a remarkable run. He seemed to defy the kind of political gravity that pulls politicians down the longer they stay in. For […]

Jagmeet Singh’s challenge: substance over style

May 19 2017 — Shachi Kurl — Two years ago, had I described a dapper young politician representing an urban, ethnically mixed riding who could win votes from millennials and those on the left, you’d have thought I was talking about Justin Trudeau. Well, look out, Prime Minister, because Jagmeet Singh just might out-Justin you. Indeed, the deputy leader of the Ontario […]