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Tamara Lich vs. Pat King: A tale of two convoy protest leaders

Nov 4 2022 — Shannon Proudfoot — If the convoy protesters built a medieval-style cathedral to their movement, Tamara Lich would surely get her own prominent stained-glass window, as their patron saint. It would depict a snow-swept downtown Ottawa street, with Ms. Lich, the self-described “mother hen,” surrounded by admirers offering tearful hugs and thanks for restoring their hope in a country […]

Two Chris Barbers came to the public emergency commission: a self-professed internet troll and a wide-eyed naif

Nov 2 2022 — Shannon Proudfoot — Two very different Chris Barbers made appearances before the Public Order Emergency Commission on Tuesday, and the clanging contrast between them animated the first day of testimony from convoy leaders. One version of Mr. Barber was possessed of an almost childlike innocence. He knew virtually nothing about his fellow protesters or their darker dealings because […]

Veteran NDP MP Bill Blaikie was dean of the House during seismic times in Canadian politics

Sep 30 2022 — Shannon Proudfoot — Nearly everyone who speaks about Bill Blaikie talks, somehow, about bigness. There was the towering intellectual and moral reputation he acquired over three decades representing Winnipeg for the NDP in the House of Commons, where even those who ferociously disagreed with him always listened when he spoke. He exerted a gravitational pull, so that people […]

How Anita Anand became the Trudeau government’s all-round fixer

Jun 7 2022 — Shannon Proudfoot — Sexual misconduct in the military. A war in Ukraine. Canada’s global reputation at stake. It’s a good thing Anand knows how to solve problems. In press conferences, Anita Anand presents like the law professor she was for more than two decades: crisp, careful, occasionally prone to using obscure words that her staff are not above […]

Pierre Poilievre on his combative style of politics and his plans for Canada

Mar 16 2022 — Shannon Proudfoot — In a rare in-depth interview the Conservative leadership frontrunner talks to Shannon Proudfoot about his politics, parenting, and making Canada ‘the freest place in the world.’ In early February, Shannon Proudfoot interviewed Pierre Poilievre for our April cover story on the Conservative leadership candidate. It was a wide-ranging discussion with a politician who typically doesn’t […]

‘Justin, can you imagine?’: Zelensky’s virtual trip to Ottawa

Mar 15 2022 — Shannon Proudfoot — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been the most compelling person on the planet for the last month, standing in the breach alongside his terrorized but indomitable people in the face of a Russian onslaught. The world has watched him grow paler and strained while his facial hair sketched itself into a beard. His spectacular ability […]

Why is Pierre Poilievre so angry?

Mar 10 2022 — Shannon Proudfoot — He’s smart, savvy and he’s steering a new brand of Canadian conservatism. How Pierre Poilievre became the champion of the anti-Trudeau mob. The bellowing honks of freedom nearly drowned out Pierre Poilievre’s voice as he stood on a frigid overpass in late January, cheering the truck convoy on its way to lay siege to downtown […]

‘Do not underestimate Erin O’Toole’

Nov 17 2021 — Shannon Proudfoot — So, as I was flipping through the day’s news to write up this newsletter, I read my colleague Paul Wells’s column about how Erin O’Toole has gone extremely to ground, even with an attempted public knifing in the offing by Senator Denise Batters, who has publicly petitioned for a leadership review. Paul traces the similarities […]

How to make an entire country furious

Oct 6 2021 — Shannon Proudfoot — Hyperbole and a Half is a slyly brilliant web comic in which author Allie Brosh uses manic, deliberately crude drawings to dismantle ordinary human experiences into shards of genius and madness. In one, she laid out the “sneaky hate spiral,” a toddler-level total meltdown that otherwise reasonable adults fall into from time to time. “Sneaky […]

The election that disappointed everyone

Sep 21 2021 — Shannon Proudfoot — No one got what they wanted on Monday. Not Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, who set all of this into motion for the obvious reason that he wanted a majority government, no matter how many times he claimed it was really because the electorate deserved to have a say in how the country emerged from the […]

The working class has had enough

Sep 14 2021 — Shannon Proudfoot — How a once undervalued, ignored and politically silent group is fighting back. From Maggie’s vantage point behind the cash register at a chain grocery store in a small British Columbia city, the first several months of the pandemic were frantic oblivion; most customers rushing the picked-over shelves didn’t seem to notice the employees, unless it […]

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