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Shannon Sampert

Teflon Trudeau surviving WE scandal

Jul 30 2020 — Shannon Sampert — POLITICS is a lot of luck and timing. Unfortunately, the federal Conservatives haven’t had either. The WE scandal that broke in the beginning of July couldn’t have come at a worse time for the party, desperate to take back power and form government again. On July 5, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre said his party wasn’t […]

Shannon Sampert

Pay Equity laws alone won’t close the gap

Mar 19 2018 — Shannon Sampert — There were a lot of old ghosts haunting the Liberal government when it tabled its budget on February 27. But have these spectres brought change to women’s lives this International Women’s Day? Not likely. The budget announced proactive pay equity for workers in federally regulated sectors (banking, communication, transportation, Crown corporations). It’s hoped that with […]

Harper’s hypocrisy and the niqab

Mar 12 2015 — Shannon Sampert — It was almost enough to warm the cockles of this old feminist’s heart. Imagine, my prime minister standing up in the House of Commons to speak out against the niqab as being anti-women and anti-transparent. The big bogeyman in Canada right now is terrorism and the scapegoat seems to be Muslims. On Tuesday, Prime Minister […]

Harper’s pit bull leaves big hole

Feb 5 2015 — Shannon Sampert — It’s the unspoken rule of politics. When politicians resign or die, you say only good things about them, even if you had eviscerated their perspectives hours before. For example, when former Alberta premier Ralph Klein died in 2013, tributes on his years in politics were highly laudatory. Forgotten was the tidbit about him arriving drunk […]