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Canadian drivers with U.S. licence plates harassed by fellow Canadians

Jul 3 2020 — Sophia Harris — Some Canadians driving cars with U.S. licence plates say they’ve endured vandalism, harassment and even a minor assault from fellow Canadians convinced that they’re Americans illegally in Canada. Lisa Watt said she was harassed twice in Calgary last month — she believes because of her Texas licence plates. In one incident, she said a driver […]

Sunwing laying off 1,500 flight staff, including pilot with COVID-19

Mar 27 2020 — Sophia Harris — When Sunwing pilot Derek Butcher recovers from COVID-19, which he believes he picked up on the job, he won’t be returning to work. That’s because Sunwing is laying off all its 470 pilots on April 8, according to the pilots’ union, Unifor. Sunwings’ 1,063 flight attendants will also be laid off, effective April 1, said […]

U.S. border officers ordered to interrogate travellers with Iranian links at Canada-U.S. border, says memo

Jan 30 2020 — Sophia Harris — An apparent U.S. Customs and Border Patrol internal memo adds credence to the numerous recent complaints from Iranian-born Canadia and American citizens that they were questioned and held for hours at the Canada-U.S. border in Blaine, Wash. Despite reports that up to 200 travellers of Iranian descent were detained at the Blaine Peace Arch crossing […]

‘I’m appalled’: Lawyers alarmed as Ottawa gives more powers to U.S. border officers at Canadian airports

Jan 17 2020 — Sophia Harris — Concerns are mounting over added powers Ottawa has granted U.S. customs officers to strip-search, question and detain U.S.-bound travellers — on Canadian soil. The changes are part of Canada’s new preclearance act, which the federal government says will enhance border security and make travel to the U.S. easier. But Pantea Jafari, an Iranian-Canadian immig

Loblaws wanted too much information for $25 gift cards, privacy commissioner finds

Oct 16 2019 — Sophia Harris — Canada’s privacy commissioner has concluded that Loblaws initially requested too much personal information from some customers before they could collect their $25 gift card — offered to make up for the company’s bread price-fixing scandal. After a five-month investigation, commissioner also ruled that because Loblaws later revised its request to clarify the precise data it […]

Canada Border Services seizes lawyer’s phone, laptop for not sharing passwords

May 5 2019 — Sophia Harris — As more people travel with smartphones loaded with personal data, concern is mounting over Canadian border officers’ powers to search those phones — without a warrant. “The policy’s outrageous,” said Toronto business lawyer, Nick Wright. “I think that it’s a breach of our constitutional rights.” His thoughts follow a personal experience. After landing at Toronto’s […]

Big telcos offer bonus-data deals but 3 provinces get better bargains

Dec 22 2018 — Sophia Harris — The holiday season has sparked another round of wireless wars: Rogers, Bell and Telus are all offering double the data (or more) on select mobile plans across the country. But not all customers are thrilled because of glaring regional price differences: the best bonus-data deals by far are in Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan — provinces […]