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CFL players’ union decries league’s request for federal bailout

Apr 30 2020 — Simon Houpt — The union representing CFL players blasted the league’s request for a multimillion-dollar bailout from the federal government on Wednesday, saying it wasn’t consulted on the proposal and that the focus should be on “all the workers” who keep the game running, from the players to the parking lot attendants, rather than on a select group […]

Male CBC hosts earn almost 9.5 per cent more than their female colleagues, data show

Apr 20 2018 — Simon Houpt — Male hosts who work for the CBC/Radio Canada make an average of almost 9.5 per cent more than their female counterparts, despite the public broadcaster using what it calls “gender-neutral criteria in order to recruit and retain highly sought-after employees.” The disparity in salaries is reflected across most employment categories listed in a recent CBC […]

The end of the Mansbridge Era

Jun 24 2017 — Simon Houpt — It says something about the place in the Canadian imagination occupied by Peter Mansbridge that everyday Canadians know his dual origin stories: How he got his start in broadcasting and the drama behind him landing the big chair at The National.

Trudeau government to revise CBC’s board selection process

Jun 20 2017 — Simon Houpt — The Liberal government is overhauling the process by which members of the board of directors of CBC/Radio-Canada are selected, in hopes of ending decades of allegations of political interference in the public broadcaster’s operations. The Globe and Mail has learned the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Mélanie Joly, will announce on Tuesday the creation of the […]

Federal leaders’ debate draws far less viewers than 2011 edition

Aug 10 2015 — Simon Houpt — Last week’s federal leaders’ debate, created by Maclean’s magazine partly as a thumb in the eye of the large TV networks that traditionally host the bouts, pulled in fewer than 40 per cent of the viewers who watched the 2011 English-language debate. Maclean’s parent company Rogers Media said in a statement that the Aug. 6 […]

Two more women accuse Ghomeshi of abuse

Oct 29 2014 — Simon Houpt — The first occurred at the end of a date, when Mr. Ghomeshi allegedly grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Despite the incident, the woman, who was granted anonymity by CBC, said she saw Mr. Ghomeshi again. “I thought, maybe he’s a little too rough and I can sort it out,’” she explained. But […]