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ETFO’s federal election plan to ‘Heave Steve’

Aug 18 2015 — Sue-Ann Levy — Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) president Sam Hammond told the 610-odd “brothers and sisters” at their annual assembly Monday that in addition to their threatened work-to-rule campaign this fall, they will be attempting to “Heave Steve.” I kid you not. These guys never met a fight they didn’t want to take on (so long […]

Do PCs have a death wish?

Apr 26 2015 — Sue-Ann Levy — This was supposed to be the Progressive Conservatives’ “Aha” moment. After four devastating election losses, Ontario PCs agreed they had to focus on reinventing their party and renewing themselves in their ongoing leadership race. They have to be perceived as a kinder, gentler, urban-centric party that has evolved in 2015, if they ever hope to […]

Mayor Tory’s hopeful pledges not music to these ears

Dec 3 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy — It all started on a high note. A smokin’ jazz ensemble playing all the tunes I love; the classy but very politically correct inaugural program; the heartfelt tribute to John Tory from brave shooting victim Louise Russo and recognition of her W.A.V.E. (Working Against Violence Everyday) organization; and the participation of his mentor and former […]

No statute of limitations on revealing assault

Nov 12 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy — Thirty-six years ago — while in my final year of journalism at Carleton University — I was viciously attacked and left for dead by a stranger. It was 1978 and I would have never ever thought that someone answering an ad to sublet my tiny bachelor apartment would come to see it with the intent […]

Incumbency a curse at Toronto City Hall

Oct 29 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy — Raymond Cho. Anthony Perruzza. Mark Grimes. Giorgio Mammoliti. Maria Augimeri. Gord Perks. Ana Bailao. Joe Mihevc, John Filion, Pam McConnell. Janet Davis. Shelley Carroll. Glenn De Baeremaeker. Chin Lee. Norm Kelly. Ron Moeser. And last but not least, the former head of the Manitoba Communist party and one of the biggest obstructionists on council, Paula […]

John Tory still has a lot to prove

Oct 28 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy — He worked diligently and single-mindedly to win, I will grant him that. After 10 years of trying, the combination of public fatigue with the Fords (some richly deserved, some not) and a disastrous campaign by the Darling of the Left, Olivia Chow, made John Tory’s fifth political attempt a charm. Not that Tory won by […]

Olivia Chow fighting to the end

Oct 20 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy — Olivia Chow looks worn out. She tells me over clam chowder at an Italian eatery across the street from her midtown campaign office that she’s “energetic, great, wonderful.” But if you listen to the tone of her voice, you can tell her enthusiasm is forced and she sounds like she’s just going through the motions […]

Sue-Ann Levy’s lunch with Doug Ford

Oct 19 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy — We’re halfway through our bowls of famous United Bakers pea soup when two ladies turn up at our table — each clutching a baby and asking to pose for pictures with my lunch companion on their iPhones. “Sorry to interrupt, sorry to interrupt,” one says, thanking mayoral candidate Doug Ford three times before walking away, […]

Bill Blair fate hanging on mayoral election outcome?

Oct 1 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy — The Toronto Police Services Board voted not to renew Chief Bill Blair’s contract for a third term when it expires next April 25. In late July, board members claimed they wanted to pursue change on the force. In fact, board chairman Alok Mukherjee said at the time that change is “inevitable” and a blueprint will […]

Left bullied Rob Ford

Sep 18 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy — They would swear they’re against bullying in our schools and in our workplaces. The self-righteous Lib-left do talk a good game. Yet, in the 13 years I observed Rob Ford the councillor and then the mayor, I never saw a politician so subjected to bullying and personal attacks about his size and lack of polish. […]

Israelis long for peace

Sep 15 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy — We arrived in Israel on Aug. 29, two days after a truce had been declared in the 50-day conflict with the Hamas in Gaza, the longest since the 1948 War of Independence. The streets, beaches, bike paths, shops, cafes and buses were teeming with people — to us rather shocking, but to those who live […]

The Fords have everyone talking

Sep 13 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy — The hysteria from the Lib-left revved up almost immediately Friday afternoon when Mayor Rob Ford stepped out of the mayoral race and his older brother, Doug, now a councillor, decided to pick up the gauntlet in Rob’s place. The attacks on Twitter about Doug were relentless and announcers on certain TV and radio outlets — […]

What the Toronto mayoral candidates still need to address

Aug 18 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy — Is it just me or have other Toronto residents had quite enough of a summer chock full of the Mayoralty Top 5 doing the barbecue circuit and competing to be seen around town? Whatever would we do without the Twitter pictures, media footage or Facebook postings of Olivia Chow dressed on any given day as […]