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Either Lucki has to go, or Trudeau and Blair do

Jun 22 2022 — Stephen Maher — It is bitterly ironic that the first female commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police may have to resign for pushing the force to be more open, but it is hard to imagine that Brenda Lucki will be able to maintain public confidence after evidence presented Tuesday in the inquiry into the Nova Scotia mass […]

Liberal and NDP officials mull over a potential deal

Oct 29 2021 — Stephen Maher — Senior Liberals and New Democrats are kicking around the idea of reaching a deal that would allow the government to go three years without falling on a confidence vote. Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh met secretly to discuss the parliamentary session ahead. Officials would not say that they discussed a deal that would see the […]

Canada has shifted to the left

Sep 22 2021 — Stephen Maher — In the speech he gave Monday night, after his dreams were dashed, Erin O’Toole said that he would work to make sure “reconciliation is more than a box to check.” “It is the very keystone of Canada reaching its potential. And it starts with clean drinking water as a basic human right, still denied to […]

The first leaders debate: The battle for small advantages

Sep 9 2021 — Stephen Maher — The French language debate Wednesday night seemed to signal that we will be in a war of attrition for the next 12 days, a fierce battle for small advantages in an election that will be decided by small advantages. According to a big poll by Leger, arguably the best Canadian pollster, in the days leading […]

The unexpected Erin O’Toole factor

Aug 23 2021 — Stephen Maher — I was sitting with reporters and staffers from the Liberal plane in a meeting room at Dalhousie University on Monday morning, waiting for the Prime Minister to hold a news conference, when a Conservative campaign official texted me a link to a video of Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland giving a speech Sunday as she kicked […]

Nova Scotia proves an unhappy test run for the Liberals

Aug 18 2021 — Stephen Maher — Tim Houston’s upset victory in the Nova Scotia election on Tuesday night might be giving the federal Liberals reason to wonder if they would have been wiser to hold off on the election they hope will give them a majority. The result is not inherently predictive, obviously, since this is just one small province, and […]

Canada’s Afghanistan failure

Aug 17 2021 — Stephen Maher — In 2013, I had dinner with a couple of former special forces operators at Le Bistro, the best French restaurant in Kabul, a casual place with a pleasant courtyard and pretty good food. It was a welcome respite from the hostile city outside, the worst place I have ever been—a dusty maze of blast walls, […]

O’Toole’s blind side, Trudeau’s big gamble and other keys to the campaign

Aug 16 2021 — Stephen Maher — A month before the 2008 election, the Conservatives put a juvenile and irritating online attack on Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, featuring an animation of a puffin defecating on Dion’s head. Voters recoiled, Stephen Harper blamed an overenthusiastic staffer, apologized and ordered the image scrapped. Last week, the Conservatives put out a similar online video with […]

Escape from Iran

Aug 6 2021 — Stephen Maher — The plan to get to Canada was ingenious, complex and terrifying. Mahnaz Alizadeh was supposed to board a flight to Panama from Ecuador using her real Iranian passport. She was to carry a forged boarding pass that showed she was ultimately headed home to Tehran. Once she had shown that to gain entry to the […]

Year One: The untold story of the pandemic in Canada

Mar 12 2021 — Stephen Maher — In March of 2020, Canadians started dying of COVID-19 and the country shut down. This is a comprehensive report on the country’s mishandling of the crisis of the century. In the last hours of 2019, Dominic Cardy and Julie Smith checked into the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa, a hot spring resort in La Fortuna […]