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Why Andrew Scheer is spouting nonsense about GM

Nov 30 2018 — Stephen Maher — You can make a reasonable-sounding political argument that Liberals in Ottawa and Toronto are to blame for General Motors’ announcement on Monday that it is closing its plant in Oshawa. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talks about the middle class at every opportunity, but what did he do to save that plant? Nothing. He has ignored […]

Tony Clement and the breakdown in Ottawa

Nov 12 2018 — Stephen Maher — The MP was privy to Canada’s national security secrets, and his scandal has exposed a failure by all parties to take risks seriously. A couple of weeks ago, when I was out with friends at a Thai restaurant in Ottawa, two of the women at the table started sharing stories about Tony Clement’s very online […]

The real problem with David Frum debating Steve Bannon

Nov 2 2018 — Stephen Maher — The biggest problem with Friday’s Munk Debate isn’t Steve Bannon. It’s David Frum. If you accept, for the sake of argument, that it is wise to invite onto the beautiful stage at the Roy Thomson Hall a racist rabble rouser who can’t fill a conference room at the Topeka Holiday Inn Express, you ought to […]

Why is Saudi Arabia still getting Canadian-made weapons?

Oct 28 2018 — Stephen Maher — The sickening murder mystery that has been unspooling ever since Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul is an excellent proof of Joseph Stalin’s maxim: One death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic. Since 2015, when Shia rebels in Yemen revolted against the Saudi-backed government, thousands of civilians have been killed, […]

Who belongs in the party of Maxime Bernier?

Aug 23 2018 — Stephen Maher — You have to hand it to Maxime Bernier. I am skeptical as to how many seats his new party will ever win outside of his own ancestral fiedom in the Beauce, but when he took a blowtorch to the Conservative Party on Thursday, he did so with intellectually consistent arguments, presented vigorously, and there are […]

How Doug Ford could help us get electoral reform

Jun 5 2018 — Stephen Maher — As this goat rodeo of an election comes to its chaotic and dismaying conclusion, it looks like 39 per cent of Ontario voters are about to hand the Progressive Conservatives a majority in spite of that party’s sustained and surprisingly creative effort to demonstrate that it should not be trusted to run a tractor pull, […]

Justin Trudeau delivers a borderline rebuke of Donald Trump

May 16 2018 — Stephen Maher — Justin Trudeau came as close as he should ever come on Wednesday to denouncing Donald Trump. Standing at second base of Yankee Stadium—where the U.S. president has box seats—Trudeau spent 20 minutes telling the 2018 graduating class of New York University to embrace diversity, to reject nationalism. Young New Yorkers like Trudeau, seeing him as […]

RCMP officer asks Trudeau to look into secret spying allegations

May 15 2018 — Stephen Maher — The Trudeau government is refusing to respond to allegations that the RCMP used invasive techniques to eavesdrop on a Mountie while he was suing the force for bullying and harassment. Sgt. Peter Merrifield was told by a veteran RCMP officer that national headquarters ordered the secret investigation after information about the private life of former […]

Memo to Alberta: Get a grip

Apr 23 2018 — Stephen Maher — Sit down, Alberta. We need to talk. The other provinces are—I don’t know if worried is the right word—let’s say concerned. You don’t seem yourself. We get that you’ve been through a lot lately. Three years ago, the prime minister was an Albertan, your premier was a Progressive Conservative, there was no carbon tax and […]

Justin Trudeau is going to have to buy himself a pipeline

Apr 13 2018 — Stephen Maher — As a practical matter, I don’t know whether it is good policy for Canada to invest billions of dollars in a bitumen pipeline, but as a political matter, I don’t see that we have much choice. The Alberta-British Columbia pipeline dispute is a Gordian knot, and there is no way to cut it, so Justin […]

Why it’s finally time to crack down on Facebook

Apr 10 2018 — Stephen Maher — Mark Zuckerberg is sorry again. The founder of Facebook—which had revenue of $40 billion last year based, thanks to its two billion regular monthly users—will humble himself, a giant on his knees, when he apologizes to a congressional committee today in his first ever appearance in front of lawmakers. Facebook, he will say, has allowed […]

A stumbling Singh could be Trudeau’s saviour

Apr 1 2018 — Stephen Maher — It was good to see NDP MP Charlie Angus up on his feet asking Justin Trudeau nasty questions this week and to watch the prime minister responding blandly to those questions, because it was good to see both teams with their best players on the ice. Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives have had a great winter, but […]

Is it time to change up Team Trudeau?

Mar 9 2018 — Stephen Maher — The PM can’t afford more sloppy mistakes and he may not be getting the stern warnings he needs to rein in his worst impulses. On Feb. 6, the sneering British gasbag Piers Morgan wrote a column for the Daily Mail—the world’s biggest English language online newspaper—in which he mocked Justin Trudeau for a comment he […]