National Newswatch

Look again: this election could be transformational

Sep 27 2021 — Susan Riley — Last week’s election may, in retrospect, look far from inconsequential; it may even look momentous, notwithstanding the absence of a radical shift in seats. If it produces an affordable national child care program, for example—and that work is well underway—families, especially women, (along with the economy) will benefit far into the future. True, that work […]

The case against China is damning, but after that—what?

May 18 2020 — Susan Riley — Whether or not they subscribe to conspiracy theories claiming China deliberately loosened the coronavirus on an unsuspecting world—a proposition even Donald Trump rejects—Canadians are not pleased with China. And for a lot of good reasons. Chief among them is the continued detention of the two Michaels—Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor—who continue to languish in Chinese […]