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NAFTA Progress? Three Trade Experts Weigh In

Jan 29 2018 — Staff — As the sixth round of NAFTA negotiations wraps up in Montreal, CPAC’s Peter Van Dusen convenes a panel of trade experts to assess Canada’s progress on the trade file. We hear from Laura Dawson (the director of the Canada Institute at the Wilson Center in Washington), Hassan Yussuff (the president of the Canadian Labour Congress), […]

Guardian journalist calls the jailing of eight Catalonian politicians vindictive

Nov 3 2017 — Staff — A Spanish judge has ordered eight Catalan ministers jailed in the aftermath of the regional government’s declaration of independence. “It’s still amazing that this is what they have done,” says Stephen Burgen, a journalist for The Guardian. Burgen calls the act vindictive and says “it seems designed to increase the animosity between Catalonia and the […]

Perspective with Alison Smith – Azeem Ibrahim

Sep 29 2017 — Staff — The author of the book “The Rohinghya, Inside Myanmar’s forgotten Genocide”, Azeem Ibrahim calls the latest violence in Myanmar “an excuse by the military to go into villages and ethnically cleanse” the Rohinghya. Ibrahim, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Policy, says Myanmar civil leader; Aung San Suu Kyi has “evolved from a […]

Watch Replay: Trade in the Balance: NY Times Live Interview With PM Trudeau

Jun 22 2017 — Staff — Nafta may be renegotiated. The Paris climate accord’s future is in doubt. NATO is under renewed scrutiny. Refugee policy is the subject of fierce debate. Six months into Donald J. Trump’s presidency — and 18 months into Mr. Trudeau’s tenure — every aspect of Canada’s closest and most important alliance is being reconsidered. What are […]