National Newswatch

Technology isn’t shaping work the way we think

Jan 22 2020 — Jim Stanford — It’s usually taken for granted that the world of work is being fundamentally transformed by the irresistible, tectonic force of technology. Automation and artificial intelligence will destroy some jobs and create others. Digitized business models and on-demand platforms will convert jobs into gigs. Huge gains in productivity could usher in abundant leisure time — or […]

Handy lessons from Down Under on electoral reform

Jun 6 2016 — Jim Stanford — Australia is midway through a gruelling federal election campaign, heading to a vote on July 2. And for a recently transplanted Canadian, there’s a strong sense of déjà vu: The similarities to our own election last October are amazing. For starters, the two-month campaign is long, the second-longest in Australia’s history. Canada’s 2015 federal campaign […]

Free Traders Panic Over German Challenge to Investor-State Dispute-Settlement

Jul 30 2014 — Jim Stanford — In my many years documenting and critiquing the overblown claims of free trade proponents about the supposedly self-regulating efficiency-promoting mutually-benefiting effects of globalization, I’ve encountered some real doozies. (My Ph.D. dissertation consisted of a critique of the theoretical and empirical basis of neoclassical CGE trade models, and the construction of quantitative models based on alternative […]

Temporary foreign workers threatened the Conservative coalition

Apr 30 2014 — Jim Stanford — How do we explain last week’s dramatic about-face by Employment Minister Jason Kenney on the Temporary Foreign Worker program? After years of extolling the program’s virtues, invoking dire fears of a labour shortage, Mr. Kenney suddenly slammed the door in the face of the program’s biggest user: the hospitality industry.