National Newswatch

Trade deals and inequality

Jul 24 2017 — Stephen Tapp — The past year featured plenty of drama in international trade. Major developments included Brexit; obstacles to the secure passage of the Canada-EU trade deal; the US withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); and the impending renegotiation of NAFTA.

The blanks in the Fall Economic Statement

Nov 4 2016 — Stephen Tapp — Government policies influence the size of the economic pie and how it’s divided. In its first year, the Liberal government sought to divide the pie more equally, by targeting policies more to middle- and lower-income Canadians. For instance, it directed transfers to families with children, seniors, and students to the lower part of the income […]

Budget 2016: A different approach to what ails us

Mar 25 2016 — Stephen Tapp — Much has changed in 11 months. Cast your mind back to Joe Oliver’s 2015 budget, when commentators remarked that the Conservatives had managed a crafty one-two punch: first, to eliminate the deficit, and then to leave the cupboards bare for the other parties going into the election. Budget 2016 marks a turning point in Ottawa’s […]

What we should ignore in Budget 2016

Mar 21 2016 — Stephen Tapp — My last post on Policy Options Perspectives described what I’ll be looking for in Budget 2016, including things like budget transparency, prudence, clear fiscal policy targets and a better sense of key policy priorities. This article explains something I’m not focused on in the budget — the projected budget balance in a given year. This […]