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Maxime Bernier rejects climate science and vaccinations. Will he get to do it at the leaders’ debates?

Aug 20 2021 — Stephanie Levitz — Early on in election campaigns, federal political parties tend to brush off poll results, pointing to the old maxim that the only poll that matters is the one on election day. Except, for Maxime Bernier, the early polls do matter: for him to participate in the official leaders’ debates during this campaign, his People’s Party […]

China slams Canada’s treatment of First Nations in response to sanctions

Mar 23 2021 — Stephanie Levitz — OTTAWA — China lashed out Tuesday against Canada and other western countries, saying they have no right to criticize the regime's human-rights record, considering their own. The criticism was part of the regime's response to the sanctions against it this week over alleged human-rights violations against minority Muslims in China.  Canada, the U.S., U.K. and […]

U.S, U.K., Canada levy sanctions against China over actions against Uyghur Muslims

Mar 22 2021 — Stephanie Levitz — OTTAWA — Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union levelled sanctions against Chinese officials Monday over human rights violations against minority Muslims in that country.  "These measures reflect our grave concern with the gross and systematic human rights abuses taking place in the region," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at an […]

Conservative grassroots push Erin O’Toole on what he means by change

Mar 20 2021 — Stephanie Levitz — OTTAWA — In a video played at the federal Conservative policy convention Saturday, leader Erin O'Toole's son Jack did a mock news segment called "Jack has your back." But the question for the party's grassroots after nearly three days of discussion on the path forward for their movement was to what extent their leader has […]

Peter MacKay to sit out this week’s Conservative party convention

Mar 17 2021 — Stephanie Levitz — OTTAWA — Former Conservative leadership candidate and longtime party stalwart Peter MacKay won't attend the party's policy convention this week.  MacKay cited work and family as the reason for his absence. "I am focused on my young family and the practice of law and work with Deloitte, which is non-partisan," he said in a statement […]

Erin O’Toole says a Conservative government wouldn’t cut foreign aid

Mar 16 2021 — Stephanie Levitz — OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole reversed his predecessor's position on foreign aid spending Tuesday, saying that if elected, a Conservative government wouldn't cut that budget.  But he said he would look to mirror previous Conservative foreign aid programs that tied funds to specific, measurable outcomes.  "I want to maintain and modernize and make more […]

Cross-partisan pressure on Liberals to increase foreign aid falters

Mar 11 2021 — Stephanie Levitz — OTTAWA — A cross-partisan effort by MPs to be united in a call for the Liberal government to increase foreign aid spending on the humanitarian crisis created by the global pandemic devolved quickly into partisan bickering Thursday.  But the members of the House of Commons foreign affairs committee insisted they are on the same page […]