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No resolutions concerning abortion to make it into policy debate at Tory convention

Mar 10 2021 — Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — Conservative party members will debate a range of policy proposals at next weekend's convention but so far, none will be about abortion.  That's despite a flat-out push by anti-abortion groups to get several proposals up for debate, including their Holy Grail: deleting the existing policy that a Conservative government will not regulate abortion.  […]

How many teachers have had COVID-19 but didn’t know it? Researchers want to find out

Mar 4 2021 — Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — The debate over the safety of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic is coming under researchers' microscopes.  Three new projects are aiming determine how many teachers and school staff in Canada have had COVID-19, to help inform prevention strategies in neighbourhoods, schools and daycares.  About $2.9 million will be spent on the research in […]

Conservative MP David Sweet joins chorus calling for end to COVID-19 restrictions

Mar 3 2021 — Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — A Conservative MP has joined the chorus of voices calling for an end to COVID-19 lockdowns in Ontario. Ontario MP David Sweet said Wednesday the pandemic-related restrictions are causing huge psychological and economic damage, and take an "incoherent" approach to truly protecting people from COVID-19.  He pointed to people being ticketed for outdoor […]

Feds roll out promised funding for LGBTQ groups to 76 organizations

Feb 11 2021 — Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — Seventy-six LGBTQ projects in Canada have received $15 million in federal money.The money follows up on a promise in the 2019 federal budget to set up a fund to encourage and support the development of LGBTQ organizations.Programs across the country are receiving money, including those working with LGBTQ refugees, Indigenous youth and transgender […]