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‘Politics is the cancer on government’ — and Conservative leadership candidate Roman Baber says he has the cure

Jul 17 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — Pierre Poilievre may be the front-runner in the Conservative party’s leadership race. But when it comes to one of the main themes of this contest, there’s another contender who has walked ahead of him — and in one case, literally. In mid-June, former Ontario MPP Roman Baber walked for 15 kilometres on the shoulder of […]

‘Pivot to a prime minister-in-waiting’: Interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen lays out her thoughts on the party’s present, and its future

Jun 26 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — Candice Bergen will begin her final months at the helm of the federal Conservative party by taking a trip intended to send a message: the game of identity politics being played in her party right now needs to stop. Bergen — whose political roots are in the Canadian Alliance — will travel to Atlantic Canada […]

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner doubles down after Star reveals push to eject her for criticizing colleagues

Jun 24 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — A law that allows MPs to eject fellow members from their caucus encourages abusive behaviour inside political parties and that’s unacceptable, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner said Friday. Her comments came in the wake of revelations by the Star that some fellow Conservatives have been threatening Rempel Garner with expulsion from the party’s caucus under […]

‘Meltdowns.’ ‘Smear jobs.’ ‘Harassment’: Michelle Rempel Garner is calling out her fellow Conservatives — and some are trying to kick her out of the party

Jun 24 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner walked away from running for leadership of Alberta’s United Conservative Party on Thursday, citing the inhospitable internal political environment she’d inherit and a lack of time to fix it. But the high-profile MP is not returning to an overly hospitable federal political environment either. The Star has learned some of […]

Pierre Poilievre’s campaign accuses Patrick Brown of breaking the law in Conservative leadership race

Jun 17 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative leadership campaign is going guns a’blazing after his rival Patrick Brown, alleging he’s broken both the party’s rules and campaign finance law. One of Poilievre’s backers has asked the Commissioner of Canada Elections to investigate a report that Brown, who is currently the mayor of Brampton, has city staff working full-time on […]

‘Panicking never helps:’ Conservatives contemplate the polarized politics that cost Jason Kenney his job

May 19 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — As they navigate what some have called the “dumpster fire” that is the federal Conservative leadership race, Tory MPs Thursday were grappling with a burning question of whether Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s resignation tosses another log onto the pile or not. Some were quick to dismiss any implications. “I’m not even from Alberta,” said one […]

‘Dumpster fire’: Here’s why Conservatives fear Pierre Poilievre or one of his rivals could split the party

May 18 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — Criticism of Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre’s promise to fire the governor of the Bank of Canada emerged from his parliamentary peers Wednesday as concerns grow about the future of the party after its contentious leadership race comes to an end. Heading into the weekly caucus meeting of Conservative MPs, finance critic Ed Fast said […]

I’d fire Canada’s top health official for her COVID-19 response, Conservative leadership candidate says

May 17 2022 — Stephanie Levitz —  Conservative party leadership candidate Roman Baber said Tuesday that if he became prime minister, he’d fire Canada’s chief public health officer over her management of the COVID-19 pandemic. His pledge comes as he trumpeted an endorsement from one of the leaders of this year’s so-called “Freedom Convoy” — a former RCMP officer who broke ranks […]

Disqualified Conservative leadership candidates say they won’t appeal

May 6 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — Two men who believed they’d qualified to run for Conservative party leadership only to have their bids rejected are now abandoning efforts to challenge that decision. Toronto lawyer Joel Etienne, who filed a blistering appeal of his rejection including allegations of racism and discrimination, said late Friday afternoon he’s dropping his appeal and feels that […]

Conservative party rejects three applicants for leadership race

May 2 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — Only six candidates will vie for leadership of the federal Conservative party after contest organizers rejected applications from three others who claimed to have met the entry requirements. The party made the list of candidates official Monday morning, confirming that Scott Aitchison, Roman Baber, Patrick Brown, Jean Charest, Leslyn Lewis and Pierre Poilievre would all […]

‘Who speaks for the centre?’ A new group of Conservatives says the party’s path to victory is right down the middle

Apr 20 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — Dozens of Conservatives are mobilizing to create a new advocacy group in response to concerns that centrist voters are being shut out of political discourse in Canada. Centre Ice Conservatives will style itself as a landing pad for moderate Conservatives to have their voices heard, with hopes that it will eventually also attract those turned […]