National Newswatch

The Canada Health Act

Jul 21 2021 — Stephen Skyvington — Walter Cronkite, who was referred to as “the most trusted man in America” during the twenty years he anchored the CBS Evening News, once said, “America’s health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.” He was right when he made that comment and he’d be right if he said the same thing today. […]

The Hall Commission and the introduction of medicare

Jul 20 2021 — Stephen Skyvington — In 1948, Paul Martin Sr., in his role as federal minister of national health and welfare for the Mackenzie King government, announced a number of grants that were intended to help the provinces deal with a variety of health care issues, including public and mental health; the treatment of cancer, tuberculosis, and venereal disease; and […]

Tommy Douglas and the Saskatchewan experiment

Jul 19 2021 — Stephen Skyvington — By now, just about everyone in Canada knows the story. When he was a young boy, Tommy Douglas fell and hurt his leg. Faced with amputation, as a result of his family not being able to afford the operation that would save his leg, the future premier of Saskatchewan was spared having to wear a […]

Don’t care for Pharmacare

Jul 17 2021 — Stephen Skyvington — Pay attention now. What I’m about to say is almost certain to raise your blood pressure. Ready? Here goes. Canada doesn’t need a national Pharmacare program. There, I’ve said it. What we do need instead is to move away from a health care system that focuses solely on treating sickness, while spending precious little time […]

Fear factor

Jul 16 2021 — Stephen Skyvington — “With his extremely short-sighted decision today, Justice Steeves has sentenced Canadians like you and me to many more years of Medicare mediocrity. Surely, this will go down as one of the worst days in Canadian health care history, thanks in no small part to this most unfortunate misunderstanding of the realities our country’s health care […]