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‘A mess out here:’ Manitoba farmers struggling with wet crops after snowstorm

Oct 17 2019 — Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press — WINNIPEG — More Manitoba residents saw their electricity restored Thursday — one week after a major snowstorm brought down power poles and transmission towers and delivered another wallop to farmers. Manitoba Hydro said some 6,500 homes and businesses remained without power, down from 9,000 Wednesday and 53,000 on Saturday. Most of the remaining outages are in rural areas […]

Roughly 9,000 still without power in Manitoba after snowstorm

Oct 16 2019 — Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press — WINNIPEG — Slogging through drenched fields and exposed to open prairie in near-freezing temperatures, Manitoba Hydro crews continued to restore power Wednesday to homes and businesses hit by last week's snowstorm. Even with the help of workers from Ontario, Saskatchewan and Minnesota, many residents could be without electricity for several more days. "All those wood […]

Judge says limiting imitation firearms could prevent so-called suicides-by-cop

Oct 9 2019 — Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press — WINNIPEG — A Manitoba judge is calling for new rules governing imitation firearms to reduce the risk of fatal shootings involving police and so-called suicides-by-cop. An inquest report from provincial court Judge Lindy Choy, who oversaw a probe into the deaths of two men in 2015, says the wide availability of toys and replicas that look like real guns leads […]

Manitoba’s government wants to put off court challenge over wage freeze

Oct 7 2019 — Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press — WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is asking a judge to shelve a court challenge launched by unions representing 110,000 workers over the province's public-sector wage freeze. Two years after the Progressive Conservative government started imposing wage freezes on collective agreements as they expire, the government introduced a bill Monday to amend the process by which the […]

Manitoba politician who made inappropriate remarks says he’s learned his lesson

Sep 25 2019 — Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press — WINNIPEG — A Manitoba politician who was investigated for showing an assistant a picture of naked women and making inappropriate remarks says he has undergone sensitivity training, has learned his lesson and hopes to move on. "I learned to become a better person and watch my choice of words and actions," Rick Wowchuk, a Progressive Conservative legislature member, […]

Manitoba premier sees majority as affirmation; admits PCs must ‘listen better’

Sep 11 2019 — Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press — WINNIPEG — Brian Pallister and his Progressive Conservatives went early and won big. Pallister called an election more than a year before it was scheduled and the vote Tuesday ended with a second consecutive majority government for the Tories. The party was projected to capture 30-plus seats in the 57-seat legislature with an agenda to continue cutting […]