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Is ‘ass’ too crass? Opinions in Manitoba’s political class are at an impasse

Aug 15 2019 — Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press — WINNIPEG — Opinions are divided on Manitoba's election campaign trail about whether using "ass" to describe your opponent is run-of-the-mill sass or a term too crass for the political class. The New Democrats released two videos this week, in advance of the Sept. 10 provincial election, that use the word against Tory Leader Brian Pallister. Each ad features […]

A list of 10 constituencies that should provide interesting races in Manitoba

Aug 12 2019 — Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press — WINNIPEG — Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister has officially launched the campaign for Manitoba's Sept. 10 provincial election. Here are 10 races worth watching: Wolseley: The Manitoba Green Party came within 400 votes of winning its first seat here in 2016 and is optimistic based on Green breakthroughs elsewhere in Canada. The close race in 2016 was due […]

Manitoba wants to attract Quebec civil servants worried about clothing law

Jul 18 2019 — Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press — WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is planning to recruit civil servants from Quebec who are concerned about a new law in the province banning religious symbols at work. Manitoba has a shortage of bilingual civil servants, Premier Brian Pallister says, and will send letters to Quebec professional organizations, colleges and other entities to invite public-sector […]

‘Revel The Heart’ among slogans suggested for Manitoba’s 150th birthday

Jul 14 2019 — Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press — WINNIPEG — Celebrations for Manitoba's 150th birthday next year were almost given the slogans "Revel The Heart" and "Love Your Manitoba, Explore Someone Else's." The two phrases were among three options that advertising firm McKim Communications Group presented last fall to a committee organizing the celebrations, say documents obtained by The Canadian Press under the province's freedom of […]

Dozens ill from carbon monoxide out of hospital as leak at hotel investigated

Jul 10 2019 — Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press — WINNIPEG — Insufficient ventilation is the suspected cause of a carbon monoxide build-up that forced the evacuation of a Winnipeg hotel this week and sent 46 guests and staff to hospital. "It appears carbon monoxide in the building built up because of inadequate ventilation related to gas-fired appliances. Instead of being safely vented, exhaust was being drawn […]

‘Contradiction there:’ Manitoba eyes looser holiday shopping rules

Jul 4 2019 — Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press — WINNIPEG — Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is considering whether to loosen a law that limits holiday store openings and says he agrees with one business owner who has complained that some shops shouldn't be forced to close while casinos and liquor outlets stay open. "There's a contradiction there, for sure," Pallister said Thursday. "I know there's discussion going on […]

New Manitoba plan contains no carbon tax, higher carbon emissions level

Jun 10 2019 — Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press — WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is watering down its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and removing any possible carbon tax from the equation. Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires announced Monday that the Progressive Conservative government is aiming to reduce annual emissions by one megatonne of carbon dioxide equivalent between 2018 and 2022. That's less than half the […]