National Newswatch

The Biden administration—what’s it mean for Canada?

Jan 23 2021 — Steven Globerman — As Canadians watched this week’s presidential inauguration and the immediate aftereffects (which include a scuttled Keystone XL pipeline), many wonder what a Biden administration will mean for Canada. And for good reason. A dramatic change in governance in the United States will likely have significant implications for Canada so Canadian policymakers in both the private […]

Canada must rethink restrictions on private health insurance—for the sake of patients

Jan 30 2020 — Steven Globerman — In its sole reliance on government providing “first-dollar” coverage of medically necessary services, Canada’s health-care system is unique among high-income countries with universal health care. In particular, virtually all high-income countries including Australia, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands allow residents to use private insurance to pay for some or all medically necessary services. Here in […]

Despite decades of government subsidies, Canadian innovation has waned

Jan 15 2019 — Steven Globerman — The implementation and adoption of new methods of producing goods and services, along with the introduction and use of new products and new ways of organizing businesses, remain critical to improving living standards. Indeed, studies show that innovation is the driving force behind long-run increases in incomes in developed countries. Here in Canada, federal and […]

Wake up—Canada has a business investment crisis

Oct 24 2018 — Steven Globerman — Capital investment is the lifeblood of economic growth and, therefore, of higher living standards. Increased capital, both tangible (machinery, equipment) and intangible (software, for example), boosts the productivity of workers and enables organizations to produce new products and implement more efficient production and organizational techniques. Therefore, the collapse of business investment growth in Canada in […]

CRTC at a crossroads

Jun 2 2016 — Steven Globerman — The regulation of Canada’s broadcasting sector by the CRTC is at a crossroads. Technological change, especially the proliferation of streaming video over the Internet, or so-called over-the-top (OTT) broadcasting, is seriously challenging the viability of the regulatory model that’s been in place for decades. The government has recognized the challenges posed by ongoing technological developments […]

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